Sunday, February 10, 2013

all sorts of randomness

 If I were to be super mega-cognitive about life, I'd tell you that I grieve my dad on a daily basis and am discovering the many layers to the grief.  I'd tell you that I'm learning more about myself as a wife and a mother.  I've let go of the control I once felt the need to exert over our family and we are all better for it.
 I'm learning more about myself as a teacher.  I'm blessed to work with the highest achieving kids in ASB and letting go of control of the program has been remarkable.  Putting the program in their capable hands has brought growth for all of us.  Just this month, these awesome leaders took the lead on a project and raised more than $6500.00 for the American Heart Association. 
They blow my mind.

I'm learning more about myself as a daughter. My mom had knee replacement surgery and I spent three days in a hospital with her and another addtional seven days caring for her.  The dynamics of our relationship and the relationships with my siblings is changing. 
But let's not get all meta-cognitive, shall we?
Random updates on my life:
1.  My sweet grandmother, my sweet last living grandparent, is in poor health.  I believe in my heart of hearts, with the exception of my aunt, everyone who holds my grandmother's heart is in heaven.  She is ready to be with them. And that is ok.  I love her.  So much.
This is my absolute most favorite picture of my grandma.
2.  Mid winter break is next week.  The three of us are heading to Arizona and then over to Disneyland to play with my in-laws for a week.  As a bonus, Eric and I are staying in a hotel in Arizona while Alexander stays with his grandparents at the RV park.  To say I'm super excited to have a few days alone with my hubby is an understatement.
3.  When we return from vacation, work is going to amp up with no break in sight.  Fundraising events, student elections, registration for next's all going to pass in a blur. I'm going to have to really focus on keeping as much balance with home and work as possible. 
4.  Eric and I stopped drinking after the new year.  I'm about 99% sure we'll pick it back up while on vacay.
5.  I got a haircut.  Bang Bang.  I love them.
I don't know when I'll post again but I do miss it so I hope it is sooner rather than later.

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