Friday, January 29, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

Whew.  What a LONG week.  I started teaching an extra class and while a PE teacher doesn't have much to do in two prep periods, it is nice to have that extra break during the day.  Two late nights at sporting events to show my school spirit probably explain why I'm tired, too!  I do like the new kiddos though.  The chemistry in my classes seem to be positive, class sizes are smaller, and I don't anticipate any huge issues for the spring. 

It is week four of WW which is the "make or break it" week for me.  Cheat or not cheat is what this time frame is all about for this girl.  It is a good thing I increased the running regime to help offset the weakness that comes in week four.  This is the weekend where I MUST stay committed for the weigh in on Monday.  Good thing the house is filled with healthy foods.

Speaking of running, the herd will be at it again this weekend.  The plan is to run both days but I'm hoping to get out this afternoon and give myself a break tomorrow.  3 miles is today's goal and maybe we'll push Sunday's run up to 5 miles?  We'll see...and I have to upload more songs since the current playlist is getting old to me.   

No exciting plans for our weekend.  The weather is expected to be rainy and gross so I suspect we'll just hang out in jammies for two days.   I'd like to get caught up on laundry, house stuff, bills, etc, etc, etc.  We have three empty storage containers that are begging to be filled with misc "crap" sitting around to be taken to Goodwill so that will be on the agenda.  And I know one toddler who will want to play with trains and read books.

Oh, and I certainly can't forget the Dillon Panthers.  Love me some high school football (Friday Night Lights).  Still.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

Lately, I've found myself pondering the friendships I have in my life. 

I have co-workers that are friends but very few know me well.  Having worked in five buildings in fifteen years and experienced a five month maternity leave, I have learned that my job is just that. A job. People move on and if you're lucky, you maintain a handful of friendships over the years. I have acquitances at work. I have friends I love hanging out with at school events or even for drinking nights. But truth be told, I spend most of my days with my students. Most high school teachers are autonomous so seeing adults takes effort. And most days, I don't choose to make the effort. All that being said, I DO have friends at work and am not a total loser.  I just wouldn't say I have any close confidants in my building.

Then there are college friends. Most are sorority sisters who held my hair after a long night of drinking, brought me pillows in a closet as I cried over a broken heart, helped me study for exams, or sat chatting for hours in the lounge. Endless memories flood my head when I think of these friends. I was pretty selfish in college and I'm not sure what these girls would say I gave to them as a friend. Sadly, few of these friends know the authentic me because of the insecurities I felt in college. I built high walls around me and only let others see what I wanted them to see. But my heart fills with joy when I receive a text message that one or two are meeting for dinner and thinking of me. Or one drives up for my birthday party. Or another is using Alexander's baby items for her firstborn. Despite where we are in life now, we are sisters. And I love them all.

There are newer friends like those I met at leadership camp.   I've only been a part of the camp family for five years but these folks are family to me.  True service leaders.  People who live leadership, strength, confidence, and belief in others.  These are the folks I strive to be more like.  They inspire me.  I love learning from others and this group of folks teach me more in a week than I learn all year at school.  The women from camp are hosting the yearly girls weekend this weekend and I'm so sad I won't be able to attend.  But in true form, I was instantly informed that I must call for a conference call to feel "Rainier Love".

Finally, there are the constant souls.  They are in my family.  They are friends from high school days.  It would seem that most of these friendships have been in my life the longest but I have created several close friendships in the past few years.  They know the authentic me and love me despite of the flaws and insecurity.  These are priceless friendships that flow back and forth with a constant give and take that comes easily to all of us.  They are the most honest. These friendships require little work and fill my heart with love.  These friendships are my lifeline. 

But there are also friendships that aren't defined.  Like I said, most friendships are by choice.  However, some are in my life out of obligation.  And, some are in my life simply because they have been there for so long that I don't know how to live life without them.  Trying to break the tie hurts.  So, I put the friendship aside and reach out to it when I feel the guilt of having not spoken for so long.  Yes, these friendships are pretty unhealthy for me.  But I can't let go.  I'm working on it but it's a process.  A process I avoid at all costs.*  Thankfully, there are VERY few that fall into this category. 

*(If you're a friend reading this right now and you think you fall into this category, you DON'T.  Call me if you need to hear the truth behind that statement). 

I'm lucky.  I have friends from all chapters in my life.  The quality of these friendships outweigh the quantity of them.  And it took me a long time to learn that quality IS more important that quality. Maybe we lose touch for days, weeks or years but I'm a firm believer that people are in our lives for a reason. 

May your life be filled with quality friendships.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink...Again

After a brief hiatus from her computer, Blooming in Bainbridge is back, with her free giveaway week.
Take a look!

True Story Tuesday

I have the bestest hubby who talked me off the ledge with my frustration with Weight Watchers.  He is logical, rational, and pushes me to be my best. I adore him.

True Story.

New classes for the semester started yesterday.  I am teaching one extra class ($$).  I have 260+ students and 12 TA's.  Does a PE teacher really need TA's?  No.  But I do love talking with them and they keep me updated on all the school biz.

True Story.

I am going to miss out on this coming weekend girlfriend get away.  I'm super sad about it but the timing isn't right this year.

True Story.

There is talk of another half marathon in my future.

True Story.

Three weeks from now, Alexander and I will be in Arizona.  I'm flying with a toddler, by myself.  Yes.  I'm nervous.

True Story.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weigh In: Week 3

Down 4 lbs total.

 I am super frustrated that it isn't more.   Despite being proud of myself for sticking with this and increasing my exercise, I am disappointed that the scale hasn't budged more. My co-worker started losing weight at the same time as me and he is down 14 lbs.  Are you kidding me?  Granted, I could never have that large of a weight loss and KEEP it off because my metabolism doesn't work that way.  So, I have to lose in small increments.  Or is that just an excuse I'm telling myself so I don't feel badly about not losing more.

I guess I'm just disappointed that it isn't more, despite the focus and control I have had in the past 3 weeks. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Oh, how I love the weekends!  My sister took the baby ( I suppose I should stop calling a three year old a baby) for us last night. Eric brought home take out and we settled in to watch Seven Pounds.  In which, I promptly fell asleep!  Nice date night, eh?  A belly food of food and a few glasses of wine does it to me every time.  Fortunately, I have a very sweet and understanding husband who lovingly tucked me in so I could sleep the night away.

This morning, I woke up bright and early to join "my herd" for a 3 mile run.  In the rain.  It's a good thing I'm enjoying running because running in the rain sucks.  But I did it and I feel good.  And this lovingly, sweet wife tucked her husband in, right before she left.

Which brings me to right now.  I'm sitting on the couch, watching Friday Night Lights, Season 1.  Have you watched the show?  All about high school football in Texas.  I'm such a sucker for sports movies and this TV show falls right into the category of my guilty pleasures.  I started watching it this week while grading PE finals (yes, I give written a final in PE).  And I'm hooked.  Totally.  100% hooked.

What I should be doing is making breakfast.  I have a craving for eggs and toast.  And there are mounds of laundry that need to be done.  And toys need to be picked up.  And bathrooms need to be cleaned.  And floors vacuumed, dishes washed, bills paid, etc.  And then I have to pick up the boy (I guess I can call him something other than baby), pick up a birthday present, and then get ready for girls night out.

I'd rather watch the Dillon Panthers play football.  Ok, just ONE more episode...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All About Me!

This is a fun survey I "borrowed" from Heather.

I Am- A wife.  A mother.  A daughter.  A strong woman.
I Have- chosen to surround myself with people who make me a better person.

I Wish- I had my son at an earlier age so we could have another baby.

I Want - sunshine and warm temperatures.

I Fear- my son and/or husband dying.

I Hear- Matt Nathanson on my ipod and silence in the locker room.

I Search- for postive self esteem.

I Wonder- who Alexander will choose to be in life.
I Regret- Life is too short to live it with regrets.  So, I regret nothing.

I Love- going out to eat. 

I Always- try to help others.  Or at least offer to help and let them decide if they want to take the help or not.

I Usually- drink wine on the weekends.

I Am Not- afraid to tell you the truth.  But I have learned to wait until someone asks for it.  Most of the time.

I Sing- better than Eric.

I Rarely- follow politics.  My brain just seems to turn off when the topic comes up.

I Never- leave Alexander with anyone except family members.  And even then, I worry.

I Cry- often and at the drop of a hat.  And boy, am I a pretty crier (sarcasm).  Tears come naturally to me and I express just about every emotion with tears attached.

I Am Not Always- the best mom or wife.  But I'm trying.

I Need- Love, honesty, and trust from everyone I choose in my life.  If you can't give me those three things, I won't choose you.  I'll be nice but you'll never get close to me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I'm in the midst of a little battle with the district people regarding my impulsive fundraiser from last week.  It's actually quite fun to make them prove policies that aren't existing.  I think I'm winning.

True Story.

Right now, I have had $500.00 donated to me from students, staff and parents to help me with my pledge.  I have a great community.

True Story.

It's finals week.  I have a lot to do and yet, I'm on the blog and thinking about going for a run today to avoid working. 

True Story.

I'm going for a run. 

True Story.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pretty in Pink

For the first time ever, I'm going to participate in one of these blog giveaways.  I have seen these often.  I have followed the threads but I've never actually participated on my own blog. 

But I like the color pink as much as the next girl...and it's a local gal so I'm in.

Here's the button (it only took me forever to figure out how to transfer a button)

And this is the blog!  Check it out!. 

Weigh In: Week 2

1.2 lbs this week which is a grand total of 2.6.  I wish it was more.  Oh well.

I met half of my exercise goals.  I ran 3 times this week but only made it to Curves one day.  I made a great effort with the water.  And I'm really burned out on salads which means I increased my veggies.  Salads.  So boring.

Even better, I didn't snack at the birthday party...and with half a cookie cake in the kitchen, that's saying a lot!

Onto week three...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Right now, Jo-Jo is in bed in my basement/guest room.  Every year, for the past 3 years, she has spent the night with us on the night before our son's birthday party.  She is here to keep me calm since throwing parties brings out the beast in me.  Tonight was no exception to the rule.  The night began with her and I sneaking out to an early dinner while Alexander was still napping.  Mexican food.  I love eating out and with Weight Watchers, tonight was a true treat.  We came back to the house, opened a bottle of wine, and started decorating for the birthday party.  Normally, Eric would have joined us but he drank a bit of tequila last night and wasn't feeling 100% (poor guy!).  You know he must be feeling badly if he and Jo-Jo didn't make chocolate chip cookies which is another tradition they share for Alexander's birthday.   Before too long, Alexander had grabbed Jo-Jo to play with his trains and I was on alone on streamer duty.   They played for a few hours, giving me a chance to decorate and clean house, which was wonderful for all of us.  Before bed, Alexander opened his birthday presents from Jo-Jo (of course an English teacher gives books).  After reading the new books, we put him to bed, killed a bottle of wine and cuddled up to watch a movie.  He's Not That Into You.  Pretty cute.  I give it 3 stars.  I give Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck 5stars.  For simply breathing.

I'm sure this birthday tradition will eventually come to an end.  We often giggle that on Alexander's 16th birthday, he'll be wondering why Jo-Jo and Dad are making cookies in the kitchen and getting drunk with Mom.  Tradition, kid.  Get used to it.

Btw, Jo-Jo is my cousin, Jodie.  This is a picture of us from Christmas with our Grandma

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drop in the Bucket

At the end of the MLK assembly today, I had an opportunity to share with the school about my friend Jen's efforts to raise money for relief in Haiti for the earthquake victims.  She is mentoring a high school student as he works on his senior project -

The program launched two days before the earthquake and was initially intended to help those whose only source of food is a local garbage dump.  Obviously, the efforts are now focused on earthquake relief.

I challenged the students and staff at my school to donate.  No manipulation.  No threat.  Just make a choice and give.  Before I realized it, I heard the words, "and I'll match it" coming out of my mouth.  Clearly, God decided He was going to talk through me in front of 1200 people.  Well, who am I to argue, right?

In 10 minutes, $1403.80 was dropped in the bucket.


And you know what?  I'm not even worried about matching the funds.  God will take care of it.
But I did call Eric to tell him I might need a little advance on my monthly allowance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me and God

My husband and I aren't overly religious folks but we have our beliefs.  We don't attend church because organized religion doesn't do it for us.  We don't know if our son will find faith on his own, ask us for guidance or leave it all alone but we'll help him find his way to God when Alexander is ready, on his terms.  I do believe life is pre-destined.  When I let it be and let God lead the way, most things fall in place.  I think that pre-destined thought comes from my brief time with a Lutheran (?) church when I took communion classes with my best friend in elementary school.  Or my days in Young Life.   Anyhow.  I don't always let things fall in place and I try to control everything around me.  Guess that makes me human because when I lose faith and take control, that's when the struggles begin.  Huh.  Who knew? 

With all that being said, God and I have been having some lengthy chats this year.

On most days, we discuss Dad's health.  I ask Him to help the doctors guide my dad through the medical obstacles and ask Him to help guide me in my role as the eldest daughter.  And I selfishly ask that Dad be around until Alexander marries.  Not sure how He feels about that request but He knows my thoughts on it so we'll see if they align.  Dad is doing better each day so I do believe God is hearing me and we're on the same page.  For now.

Recently, we've been discussing my job.  I've got it in my head that I hate work.  I've got in my head that because I wasn't chosen for ASB, I am not validated as a staff member or as a teacher.  God and I have talked at length why I wasn't given that job.  I've asked for answers and have heard silence.  I know the silence is normal and that I'll be shown the answers when the timing is right.  You can't walk the path of infertility and NOT believe that answers will shown in time (one look at my sweet son and my faith is strong).  So, I've been waiting.  I waited three years for Alexander.  Three months of waiting seems easy enough, in comparison!

Last night, God and me were chatting it up and it hit me.  The answers about my job are around me.  I am an adviser of a club (in which upperclassmen mentor freshmen all year) and yesterday afternoon, we hosted a cookies and cram event to assist with finals week.  142 freshmen showed up.  I was walking through the library, with upperclassmen, freshmen and staff members working together.  It was amazing and sight to behold.  200 people working together to help one another.  I was praising Him for the opportunity to lead the club and I laughed as I realized He knew what He was doing all along.  I was the one who was resisting and not showing enough faith for Him to bring true happiness into my life.  I just had to open my eyes to what is around me.  I can be the leader He calls me to be through my actions in the classroom. I can still work with student leaders through advisor work.  I don't need to be in charge of ASB to shine as a leader.  If I was a good religious scholar, I think I would say this is a pride issue but ignorance is bliss.

As a PE teacher, I have the opportunity to lead and be a positive influence with 270 students (talk about a huge classload, eh?).  I have the opportunity to go home and be a strong wife and mom every day.  I have the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends and not be overly tired or preoccupied with work.  If I was teaching ASB, I'd have 45 students in a class, be gone many afternoons and evenings, work with negative building leaders, and see very little of friends and family.  The path HAS been laid out by God and all I had to do was walk it.  He gave me the chance to work with student leaders with ASB the past two years and I loved it.  If the ASB job was offered again, I may not take it.  I wouldn't have said that two months ago.  Or even two days ago. I'm realizing how much I enjoy being wife and mom now.  I'm realizing how much I enjoy being in the classroom, working with kids.   I suspect that's what God has wanted for me all along.  Huh.  Who knew?

Turns out someone did.  I just needed to listen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I took yesterday off because Alexander was sick.  I didn't really need to take the day off.  But it was a great excuse to be home and away from a negative environment that I call "work".  I have Friday off too.  I love three day work weeks!

True Story.

I unintentionally hurt a good friend's feelings when I thought I was doing something nice.  It is hard to know she hurts because of something I said.  I don't know what else I can do but say I am sorry.

True Story.

I am struggling with my son turning three.  The increase in independence with potty training, signing up for preschool, and knowing I will never have this time with him again is too much for me right now.

True Story.

My father's health is improving.  Prayers can work.

True Story.

I want another baby.  We won't have one but I want one. 

True Story.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weigh In: Week 1

I lost 1.4 lbs this week.  Which is just about right for me as I adjust to the new lifestyle.  I worked out 4 times last week.  I followed WW closely (I did use "banked" points on Saturday).  I didn't drink enough water over the weekend. And I probably didn't eat enough veggies over the weekend too.  Oh, the blasted weekend - it is the enemy when it comes to food for me!

Goals for week 2:
Run 3 times and work out at Curves 2 times (its measurement week too!  OY!)
Drink more water over the weekend
Use super strong willpower at the birthday party on Sunday and not snack.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Once a upon a time, in the days of two incomes, we went to the movie theater and were faithful Netflix subscribers.  Fast forward three years, to the days of one income (and that of a teacher, no less); movies are  a treat and Netflix subscription is a memory.  If we do go to a movie, we use free movie passes (thanks to you-know-who) and it has to be a REALLY worthwhile movie to leave our toddler for several hours.  The last one we tried to watch was Avatar in 3D but it was sold out (so we drank beer and ate burgers instead).

Anyhow, the point is we usually don't see a movie until it has come out on DVD or on Dish network.  I think the last movie we saw in the theater was Star Trek over this summer.  At least it was in IMAX.

After two years of following a close budget, we decided we could re-subscribe to Netflix this year.  And I'm back in heaven. Within minutes, I had filled the queue and movies were on headed right to my mailbox!  And did you know they started this little thing called watch instantly?  Not only do I have movies coming to me via the mail but NOW I can find movies online whenever I want.  Granted, they aren't the most recent movies but for a girl who is lucky to see a movie in a theater once a year, it works.

On my sidebar I have started a list of movies with my rating system. Right now, I'm watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I wasn't a huge fan of the book but Amy Adams is precious.  And I like shopping.

Have you seen any good movies lately?  Do tell!  I would love to add to my queue!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Good Run

I have never felt the "runner high" before.  Today, I did.  It was amazing.  It didn't last long.  But I felt it and finally understand why runners say "you'll crave it".  They are right!  A good run is a great way to start the day.

Today, the herd (we may buy t-shirts for the half marathon) ran four miles.  Kudos to our newest member who hasn't been running and kept up the entire way.  Impressive!  In order for us to run the half marathon we are going to train with interval training (run/walk for certain time).  So for today's activity, we ran 5 minutes and walk 1 1/2 minutes.  One of the herd is the time keeper to keep us honest.  It took us a little under an hour but the pace doesn't matter to us as much as the distance does.

Since I started running a little over a month ago, I've logged almost sixty miles.  I like keeping track of the distance I run each week as it keeps me honest.  And it makes me want to go again to improve the numbers (can you tell I'm a competitive kind of gal?).  I don't know that I will feel the runner high every time. I can only run 2 miles at school before I'm so sick of the track that I talk myself out of continuing alone.  And I refuse to ask anyone to join me at work because well, refer to this post...

So, now I'm going to settle in to watch a movie, eat a little lunch, and look forward to tonight and my glass of wine, which I SO EARNED!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have had a few emails/comments about WW that I want to talk about today.
  1. I don't attend meetings.  I never have.  I refuse to spend the money to attend meetings.  Instead, I put the money towards my members at Curves.  I have the willpower to do this myself.  I use the "stuff" given to me by members (journal, points booklet, etc).  I'm sure WW would rather I pour my money into them but I don't have the time to attend meetings. 
  2. When I followed WW in 2000, I lost 15-20 lbs and maintained that loss for six years.  It took me four months to lose that weight.  I WILL repeat this loss in 2010.
  3. I HAVE to tell people I am doing this or else I let myself be sabotaged at social events.  I know from experience that if my loved ones know I am on WW, I don't have to make excuses for avoiding the sweets AND it keeps others from giving me a bad time.
  4. I'm amazed at the number of people who use WW, know someone who has used WW, and all have had positive results.  The program really does work. 
  5.  If you are a WW person and want to join me in a 2010 weight loss journey, let me know and we can do this together!  I'm weighing in every Monday. The weekends are the hardest days for me so weighing in Monday will keep me honest. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know

 I started Weight Watchers on Monday.  I. Hate. It. I knew I would and I suppose that is why I have put it off for three years, knowing I could blame it on a baby, who is about to turn three and should no longer be my scapegoat.  

I know that WW works for me.  I know that keeping track of the points is the only way that I lead a healthy lifestyle.  I know that the first week is the hardest because I have to create new behavior.  I know that the second week isn't very easy but I feel better so I am motivated to continue.  And I know at the end of the first month, the weight starts dropping and the lifestyle change is becoming my normal.  I know my friends and family support me, in this endeavor as in everything I do.  I know that after the first six weeks, I can start to include my trigger red wine.  Oh lovely, red wine.  How I miss you so. And I know that after two or three months, I have the freedom to cheat here and there and my life won't spiral out of control.
Despite knowing these things, it still sucks.  I realize how out of control my life was - it's embarassing to recall how many times I reached for Goldfish crackers, a Poptart or chips.  Right now, I have a headache.  I'm tired.  I'm crabby.  I'm so sick of salads, yogurt, and obsessing over the points.  I miss my wine.  And it's only been three days! 

Yet, I do feel better.  I'm staying within my points, am drinking the water, and my entire support system knows I'm on the WW wagon so I have their love and support.  I like having the control.  I like knowing that I have set a challenge for myself and that I have total control of my success.  I like feeling better.  And I like looking better so it is all worth it.

But I still miss my red wine.

  Lovely, lovely red wine...I know you'll always be there for me.  Right now, I'm just not ready for you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

True Story Tuesday: I Forgot

I forgot how hard the first two weeks of Weight Watcher is as I cut back the calories.

True Story.

I forgot how tired a day at work makes me.

True Story.

I forgot how much I enjoyed running, once I found my rhythm.

True Story.

I forgot how it takes very little to make me feel guilty.

True Story.

I forgot how much I hated to have my time wasted.

True Story.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I Think I Can

While I may not have been whistling at work today, walking into the building wasn't as terrible as I anticipated. After each class my boys called and left me a very sweet message with a toddler yelling, "wuv you so much Mama".  How can someone have a bad day after hearing those words?!

Being inside sure doesn't help my mood but the end of the semester and new classes are right around the corner. I'm ready for a shake up to my classes, even though I have great students.  Focusing on my diet and exercise regime will be a huge help in the next few weeks as I move through the monotony of the winter months. I wrote down everything I ate to stay within my WW points and ran 2 miles in 23 minutes.  My best time yet!  Even if it isn't breaking any world records, I was proud of myself for running in the drizzle (that running hoodie is perfect for days like today).

Six weeks to Arizona and our trip to Disneyland.
Thirteen weeks to Florida and our trip to Disneyworld.

105 school days to the last day of school.

I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I can make it. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Don't Wanna

If I was three, I would stomp my feet, starting screaming, and launch myself onto the floor, wrapped in the throes of an awe-inspiring tantrum.  Within minutes, it would be over because someone would redirect my attention and life would move on. 

Instead, I have spent most of my morning, whining "I don't wanna go to work tomorrow"/  And nothing is distracting me..  My two week blessed vacation has come to an end.  My sweet hubby is letting me do whatever I want today (I'm spending the day reading), my dear son is down for what I hope will be a long nap, the house is clean, and I'm ready.  The football game is on, I'm wrapped in a blanket on the couch with my belly full of a delicious salad, my blog is updated and I'm ready to read. 

But I still don't wanna go to work tomorrow.  At.  All.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And then it dawned on me...

I will be 48 when this decade ends.  48.  Almost 50.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Naturally, I started thinking off all I accomplished in the past decade.  This things include, are not limited to, but are listed mostly in order:
  • lost 15 lbs in 2000 and kept it off until 2006 (pregnancy did me in!) 
  • finished my Masters in Education degree
  • moved from teaching middle school to teaching high school
  • spent my 30th birthday in Disneyland
  • witnessed the birth of my niece
  • traveled to Italy, France, Caribbean, Hawaii, New York and Washington D.C. along with countless trips to Disneyland and one to Disneyworld
  • survived three years of infertility
  • sold a house, bought a house, moved into new house and found out we were having a baby within a 2 month time frame.
  • experienced an easy pregnancy and welcomed the birth of our son
  • lost loved ones as well as welcomed new babies into our lives
  • love my life as wife and mom as I learn how to balance it all.
All that being said, what will I be reflecting on when I'm 48 (seriously, 48?)?
  • Ironically, I'm the same weight now as I was in 2000 so taking off 15 lbs will be on the list.
  • I will have National Board certification (starting next fall!)
  • I will have run in several half marathons
  • I will be five years from retiring
  • The house addition will be done 
  • Alexander will be in middle school 
  • There will be a list of places we have traveled to with Alexander
  • And we will continued to be surrounded by loved ones.
Where will you be in 10 years?!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Well, hello 2010!  As I flipped to an open, CLEAN calendar (oh, how I love me a new calendar) and began filling in birthdays, anniversaries and vacations, I started wondering what this year would bring us.

Potty training a three year old so he can start pre-school in the fall?  Check.

A 1500 square foot addition to our home that includes a master bedroom, WITH WALLS?  Check.

Visiting not one, but TWO amusement parks so toddler can meet this guy (and visit family)?  Check.

And those are the things that I know WILL occur!

But it wouldn't be New Years if I didn't create a resolution or two for myself, right?
  1. Take control of my diet and exercise plans so I feel healthy and confident again.
  2. Friday night date nights with Eric.
  3. Run a half marathon 11/10.
  4. Be engaged with my life at home, rather than counting down the hours til bedtime (anyone have advice for getting through those hours?!)
  5. Be at peace with my job
  6. Create opportunities for quality time with friends and family.
Happy 2010 to you and yours!