Friday, July 30, 2010

Home from camp.

100% full of happiness.

 To the core.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Stand Among Giants

I leave for Leadership Camp tomorrow morning.  

This the sixth summer that I've attended as a senior counselor, to work with over 300 high school student-leaders.  As always, I'm frantic about leaving the boys, worried that Alexander will push Eric's every last button, and that they won't survive without me (knowing full well that Eric secretly loves having his buddy to himself for a week and they will be just fine).

I. Love. Camp.

The people.
20 adults who are as passionate about teaching student-leaders as I am.
20 college students who volunteer one week a summer to help spread the word about positive leadership.
These people make me a better person.

The kids.
300+ high school students who have been selected by their peers, to lead their peer, who face challenges and attend camp to learn the tools to become better leaders.

The week recharges my teaching self and reminds me that young people are still good people.
This year, I am going to camp with a happy heart.  I have no bitterness. No anger.  No "I should be doing ASB" thoughts.  I'm at peace with my role in my building.  

I'm content.

And, as it turns out, I'm ready for anything!  Even a little bug spray dance. 
Have a great week!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The calm before the storm

I'm sitting on my couch.  Laptop in front of me.  Bethenny Getting Married? on  TV.  An exhausted toddler in bed and a patient-with-his-party-animal-wife husband playing on the computer upstairs.

Today, we are all taking it easy.  The whirlwind party circuit has come to an end.  And we are in need of some serious down time.

The family reunion was a smashing success.  The yard looked as good as possible with imminent construction on the horizon.  The house was clean and there was plenty of space of folks to hang out.  It was our pleasure to host and we hope everyone had a wonderful time.

My mom, her cousins with Uncle Dick(97) and Aunt DeeGee(92)

The young uns with the elders

Once we rest up, I'll start prepping to leave on Thursday morning for leadership camp.

For now, I'm going to enjoy Bethany and Jason's honeymoon in St Bart.  And worry about leadership camp tomorrow.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel like Rabbit from the Pooh books.  So much to do and so little time in which to finish it all!  So, rather than put myself to work, I'm taking a little time to blog.  Gotta keep the readers happy!

Swim lessons for our little fish is a blessing in disguise because the early morning session has us up and productive by 9AM (only bummer is it means no sleep-ins and aren't summers supposed to be for sleep-ins?)
  For instance, after today's lesson, we headed to Target where I was able to purchase items needed for leadership camp, the family reunion this weekend, AND laundry detergent.  Who doesn't love Target?

Last weekend's bbq to celebrate my dad's 64th birthday was a smashing success.  
The night before the party, we had a sleepover with Jo-Jo, Uncle Patrick and a few cocktails.

It was a small party to celebrate Dad's birthday but the weather cooperated and we had a lovely afternoon.

Family Photo of Us 5

Everyone managed to find a place to hang out, even if the yard didn't get weeded or cleaned up as well as I had hoped. 

Wonderful Umma bought a pool for the kids to hang out in - big kids included!

Patrick and sweet Grandma Great

Patrick, my bff Melinda and me.
Notice how the boy from Florida is wearing a button down as I'm wearing a tank top.

We adored having my brother in town and I soaked up every minute I could with him - including a 6:30AM tee time!

Patrick has left.  Swim lessons continue.  Jo-Jo returns from her trip on Friday.  
And I'm starting to realize summer is slipping away very quickly!  

For now, we're on to the next event - the family reunion on Saturday!

So, that's all the time I have for blogging.  I have an entire house to clean, weeding of flower beds to be done, laundry to finish, and a possible nap in my future.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Update

It's almost 10PM and I'm exhausted.  But my brain is racing so here I am.  One of the side effects of my thyroid not working is I can't fall asleep.  And then once I do, I wake up over and over again and never really sleep.  It's day 2 of meds so I'm hoping tonight is better.  Anyhow, as I wait for sleep to arrive, I thought I'd give a quick update from the week.  At least being on the blog has to be better than Facebook, right? 

Here's a quick update - bullet-style.

  • Jen's visit on Thursday was awesome.  No one but Jen would drive from Portland to Seattle just to hang out for less than 24 hours to have dinner with an ol' college friend and then drive back early the next morning..  She's awesome like that.  Alexander loved playing trains with her.  I loved having the girl time  and going out to dinner with her, and Eric liked that someone was here to keep me entertained.  I just wish the visit could have been longer!  Next time.
  • The foundation guy didn't show up yesterday, as planned.  I'm not really sure why 1) he is so flaky and 2) why we are choosing someone who is so flaky to dig/pour/lay our foundation.  He has a solid reputation (I'm a tad skeptical about that reputation!).  Hopefully, we'll have some progress soon.  Knowing my luck, they'll start digging in the ground the day before we host the family reunion!
  • The first day of our garage sale was a success.  The temperatures hit 95 so I wouldn't say we had a huge crowd but we did well.  Tomorrow, the temps drop so we suspect we'll see more faces.  Regardless, at the end of it all, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) goes to the local Goodwill.  It feels so good to purge this house of unused items!
  • Eric mowed the lawn and did some weed wacking so the yard no longer looks like a bunch of hill billies have moved in.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to finish the rest of the weed wacking before we host Dad's bbq on Sunday but that's ok.  Like I told my cousin, family loves you, despite the state the yard is when they drive up.  Or something like that.  I certainly hope it holds true!
  • But next week, after my brother leaves and things settle down, I'll tackle the yard.  And deep clean the house.  Cause we have another party next Saturday.  You know which party.  The big family reunion that I haven't attended in years/  The one that is never at someone's house but always at a campground, condo, or other nice location,  The one that has my mom's ENTIRE family rolling up and hangin out at my house.  Yea.  That one.  Needless to say, some serious cleaning and yardwork ass-kicking will be happening next week.  It's a good thing I love a party!
  • And THEN I'll start thinking and planning for leadership camp and leaving my boys for 8 days.  Oy.  I can't EVEN BEGIN to think about that right now.
Finally, did  I mention Eric is planning to break Alexander of the binky?   Yea, the boys broke the news to me tonight. In one week, Project: No More Binky goes into effect.  OMG.  I am going to need to a lot of red wine because when those tears flow and my baby is screaming for his binky, there is no way my heart will keep from breaking.  God help me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As if we didn't have enough on our plate...


My sweet husband has been hounding this guy for weeks.  Tonight, the guy finally called back and it looks like we're moving forward with the remodel. This summer. ACK!  Honestly, I had it in my head that we wouldn't start for another year.  I don't know exactly when we are going to break ground.  I don't know exactly what the money costs will be as we start the remodel project.  
But it looks like we're moving foward.
Ready or not!

The good news:  
We are moving forward on the garage sale stuff.  The guest room has gone from this mess

to this cleanliness!

Tomorrow, we tackle the yard.  
Jen will be here and is looking forward to playing with the little guy, while we clean, clean, clean!

Garage Sale.
Family Bbq.
Patrick in town
Remodel begins.

OH, and before I forget, remember this post about my frustrations?
My doctor called with the blood draw results and...
my thyroid was underactive. meds start tomorrow!

I know this post is all over the place but that's kinda how life is for us these days!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The sunshine has arrived!  It is expected to be in the 80's, which is PERFECT for the PNW.

Yesterday, Alexander and I took a road trip to see Jo-Jo.  It had been too long since we had seen her face.   I needed some Jo-Jo time.  She makes my heart happy and gives me perspective when I need it most.

Alexander's second session of swim lessons began on Monday.  So, we're up and at the pool by 9AM.  Today, I'm going to run home from the pool. I think it is about 3 miles and since I haven't run since the RNR, it should be an interesting morning!

The following is my to-do list for this week:
  1. Haul all the garage sale items to my inlaws to prepare for our sale on Friday and Saturday.  
  2. Label all the garage sale items from my parent's house.
  3. Clean the yard up for the family bbq on Sunday.  
  4. Clean the house for the family bbq on Sunday.  
  5. Shop for food because we have nothing fresh and I need fresh fruits and veggies!
  6. And we must, must, must get out and enjoy this sunshine!!

My girlfriend Jen is coming up from Portland on Thursday to hang out with us.  My ultimate goal is to have everything done so I don't end up putting her to work, too!  Of course, if we do end up working, it will be with glasses of wine in hand so the time will fly by.  Looking forward to lots of laughing with that girl!

And then...PATRICK COMES HOME!  Oh, how I adore my baby brother.  He'll be here for the weekend and I can't wait.  Family bbq's will occur multiple times over the weekend.   He wants to golf.  So we're going to golf.  And it will be funny.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I know it's a holiday but...

...if you have a moment, would you please send a prayer for Baby Bennett?

You can read the story here.

Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My new best friend - Reality TV!

Before Alexander, I watched A LOT of TV.  I would tape hours worth of shows during the week.  Yes, I said tape.  As in VCR.  We didn't and still don't own a DVR.  I know, I know.  Try not to be surprised.  But our main TV is hooked up to a computer (picture the TV as a monitor) and a DVR won't work with the configuration. And we have dish network and well, I'm sure there are a couple of other reasons that I don't remember.

Ok, let's bring it back...

On Saturdays, I'd curl up in bed and watch them all.  I'd pause and fast forward when necessary.  I knew exactly what was happening on 24, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, ER, and several other shows that I faithfully watched for years.  I knew exactly what was happening.  Until 2007.

And then Alexander was born. Watching TV became hit or miss.  When he was first born and there was time to watch (newborns aren't exactly busy little people), I'd be too tired to watch anything.  Come to think about it, I could have used a DVR for shows at 2AM feedings.  As he grew older, he was moving and moving and moving and well, who had time to watch when I couldn't focus?  Finally, when we did have time, didn't have to chase a toddler, and weren't too tired, we chose to watch movies from Netflix.  Soon, we moved into TV shows for Alexander, movies for Alexander, or no TV at all. 

In the last few months, I've rediscovered the TV.  I remember why I love to sit in front of it.  I can be entertained and NOT THINK.

And, as it turns out, there is nothing more entertaining  than REALITY TV!

I have no idea when it happened but this reality TV thing?  OMG.  Love it.  I was a fan of Survivor but there weren't many other shows of its type on TV.  But now?

I don't care what city you are in but if you're a Real Housewife, I love you.  I don't care what genre it is, So long as You Think You Can Dance.  I can't stand cooking but if you're Top Chef, welcome to my home.  And you are always welcome in my world as long as we can talk about What Not To Wear.

Yes, reality TV, you are my new best friend.  I haven't a clue what else is happening on TV.  I generally don't have the time to watch a full episode of any show and refuse to turn on the news.  But when I have the free time, you can believe reality TV is the first thing I am looking for to keep me entertained.

I'd love to hear what shows you think I should be watching?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Someone PLEASE explain to me...

How I can follow Weight Watchers for a month...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.

How I can exercise five times a week (cardio, strength, and abs)...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.
How I can drink 48-72 glasses of water A DAY...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.

I weigh what I weighed in the first month of pregnancy...but all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit.  Just fine.

I'm doing everything right.  And yet...the scale says I'm doing it all wrong.

I'm frustrated.  Really, REALLY frustrated.

I'm so desperate for answers that I'm willingly going for a blood draw to check my thyroid levels.

So, if you could explain this phenomenon to me, that would be awesome.

Because if I don't have answers soon,
chances are REAL good, I'm about to throw that scale out the window!