Thursday, July 1, 2010

Someone PLEASE explain to me...

How I can follow Weight Watchers for a month...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.

How I can exercise five times a week (cardio, strength, and abs)...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.
How I can drink 48-72 glasses of water A DAY...and not see the scale budge even 1 lb.

I weigh what I weighed in the first month of pregnancy...but all my pre-pregnancy clothes fit.  Just fine.

I'm doing everything right.  And yet...the scale says I'm doing it all wrong.

I'm frustrated.  Really, REALLY frustrated.

I'm so desperate for answers that I'm willingly going for a blood draw to check my thyroid levels.

So, if you could explain this phenomenon to me, that would be awesome.

Because if I don't have answers soon,
chances are REAL good, I'm about to throw that scale out the window!


  1. aw hun, I just had a post similar to this one!! How long have you been doing weight watchers? You may have reached a plateau.

    I would try switching up your exercise for starters. Confuse your body. The second I did that I started dropping pounds again.

    Maybe try reducing the amount of points you eat by one or two a day as well. As your body changes you don't need to eat as much.

    Hang in there, it will start moving again!! Don't give up!!

    I wanted to tell you that I'm starting the couch to 5k program tonight...thanks for the inspiration:)

    Also, we can still be friends even if you're on team edward:) Maybe we can go on a double date. Ha!:)

  2. I was going to mention a healthy detox? Not a crazy month one or something but there are some 3 day ones I've heard/read about that seem to help with plateaus! Just a thought!

  3. " The diet evolution" by Dr. Gundry... Recommended by our family doc. My mom is down 20 lbs, my dad 18 and myself 10. I really suggest reading this, Dr. G is a well known heart surgeon and this isn't a diet but more of a lifestyle change. I've never felt healthier!


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