Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Trip To Tar-jay

Last night, I was scheduled to meet a few former students for dinner at Red Robin.  I decided I'd take the opportunity to return a few things to Target before dinner.  I had a swimsuit and a movie to return.  Not really sure why I had purchased a swimsuit in the first place - every one knows I hate water.  And swim suits.

Anyhow, I had about 20 minutes to run in and out of the place.  I had to make the returns, and pick up a few items like kitty litter, laundry detergent, coffee and such.  Ya know, your typical Tar-jay type of trip!  Piece of cake in 20 minutes.

However, on the way to dinner, a different group of former students called and asked me to meet them at a local bar, about 2 blocks from Red Robin. Since I'm not the teacher who says no to her students, I called Eric to double check that he had bedtime covered and prepared myself for a late night.

This change in plans clearly meant a necessary change in wardrobe.  You have to agree that one shouldn't wear a schlumpy hoodie to a bar, right?.  Which meant I had to FLY through Target, running my errands, look for a few things to try on and HOPE I could find something to wear to dinner/drinks.  In 20 minutes.  Missions Impossible?

Lo and Behold...
I found this cardigan in grey and threw it on over my white-tshirt. - very light weight and simple. I am thinking I should have bought it in white, though.  I have three grey long cardigans now...wonder if my sister wants one (Kim, call me if you do).

And I found a chunky necklace (one very similar to this picture) to accessorize!
 Mission Accomplished!

As an added bonus, I came across this dress.  The dress falls above my knees so I won't look as dumpy as one might assume from the length of the dress in this picture. I now have a dress for leadership camp!

If you do happen to find yourself in Tar-jay in the next few days, I HIGHLY recommend you pick up this little DVD treasure.
I'm on Day 3 and it is KICKING MY ASS.

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