Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little of This, Little of That

The past four days have been simply gorgeous.  Temps in the 70s, which is perfect for this area! 
With the sun, comes early morning wake ups (4:15AM to be exact) as the sun streams through our multiple picture windows into our bedroom.  One of the downfalls of having a loft as a master bedroom is the noise that floats up in the morning and the large picture windows that allows for a lot of sunlight...directly into my eyes at it rises.  But I refuse to put blinds up and ruin the effect of the windows. And I don't want the sun to go away.  I'll just have to dig out my eye mask again.

Alexander had swim lessons this morning.  During the lesson, while our little fishes swam and swam, Gyp and I discussed our race strategy.  Both of us care very little about the ending time.  Our goal is to not walk unless we are in the walking interval.  Even if we have to drag ass across the finish line, we both want to run/walk the intervals we have set from the start of the training.  It was nice to confirm matching goals and I HAVE NO DOUBT we will meet it.  And then eat a huge lunch after we're done!

Immediately following swim lessons, we took Alexander to a local park and met up with Umma.  Alexander ran and ran and swung and swung and the three of us tag teamed on the giant slide.  Like I said, the weather was beautiful and we took full advantage. 

Once the boys were tucked away for naps, I went into Seattle with one of the herd to pick up our race packets today.  Unfortunately for us, there was a Mariner game at the same time so parking was atrocious.  Simply atrocious.  We ended up parking in the jail parking lot (my friend works for the court system), paid half of what we would have paid for parking, and enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine to Qwest field for the Expo.  We picked up our bibs and swag bags and walked the Expo for free goodies.  We were unable to stay too long but long enough for the excitement of the BIG RACE on Friday to build again.
 (notice the MGD64 sign to the left?  Who says they won't run for beer?)

Eric and I went out for a delicious Mexican feast tonight and are now watching Inglorious Bastards.  It's pretty good and a really unique twist to WWII. 

Another swim lesson tomorrow.  Another day of sunshine tomorrow.

Summer vacation rocks.  Kinda like the rock that JUST hit our picture window...FROM THE NEIGHBOR MOWING HIS LAWN!  OMG.  Did no one learn their lesson??


  1. Michelle! Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to hear how the race goes- head to McDonald's for a shake afterwards- you deserve it!
    - Lauren (Kristen's sister)

  2. Oh my gosh, you so did not offend me with your email! I just haven't gotten a chance to reply yet!! You actually got me thinking about starting the couch to 5k on Monday:)


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