Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes.  That is my face.  My right cheek, to be more specific.

Here's the story...

We spent all day Friday in the yard, cleaning out bushes and trees and burning everything that we didn't burn last summer in the fire pit.  Flowers were planted.  A 3 year old was playing in his sandbox on the deck.  And Eric was mowing the lawn.  Once he was finished, I was going to head inside to tackle cleaning for the baby shower. 

We had a plan.

Funny how a plan can change in one instant.

I was about 3-6 feet away from the mower, stacking some wood, and had just turned to walk to the porch when I felt something like a hardball hit my face.  I knew it was a rock from the mower but figured I had, at worst, a huge goose egg on my cheek. So, I covered it with my hand and showed my cheek to Eric (once I got his attention.  He was mowing after all).  He IMMEDIATELY put HIS hand over it which left me to glance at my hand.  Which was covered in blood.  Huh.  That's not good.  
A rock had shot out from under the lawn mower and hit me about 2 inches under my right eye. In the picture, it doesn't look deep but believe me, it was.  And it was bleeding.

I forgot how much head wounds bleed.

Within the next half hour, Eric had the fire out,  Ho-Ho Papa was on his way over to watch the baby so we could go to the ER, and I kept pressure on the giant gash (that I couldn't help but stare at in the mirror every few minutes) and put ice on it.  Oh, and I logged on to Facebook and updated my status.  It's not every day that a girl makes a trip to the ER with a dent in her cheek.

  I kept insisting I wouldn't need stitches and that some crazy glue and butterfly strips would be enough.

I might have been in shock but ya know, crazy glue can fix anything.

  4 hours and 8 stitches later....
Dr. Bob did an awesome job.  And didn't use crazy glue.

Now, I just need a good story to tell the kids on Monday.  


  1. Ouch! I'm glad it didn't hit you in the eye! Sheesh!

  2. AHH Michelle... Sad day. I'm sorry. I hope you're doing better!


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