Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Worth It To Me

Since we made the decision that Eric would stay home and I would go to work, I have learned one very important lesson.

I have learned to keep a budget.

I'm the spender in this family so learning to keep to a budget has been a huge accomplishment.

In essence, we have learned to live with less, without feeling that we are going without.

So, when it comes to hosting events, I am hyper aware of the cost associated with decorations, foods, gifts, prizes, etc.  The perfectionist in me wants it just right but am ever aware of the costs.  I love throwing a party.  I love to shop, clean, and prepare for a party.  I love to show off the beauty and uniqueness of my home. And I have learned to throw a party without breaking the bank (or tapping into our savings account).

But there is still one detail of any event that stresses me out.


 For a person who HATES TO COOK, just the idea of putting a menu together makes my back spasm in tension.  I spend WEEKS worrying about the food.  I worry which foods to serve and how I will shop for everything and how much time will I need and then the day arrives and I start cooking and all the while I'm thinking that I need wine as I'm making the food because I'm so stressed but its 10AM so I can't really drink (or can I?).  By this point, I've yelled at Eric and Alexander so often that they have begun to tag team me with the silent treatment. By this point, I've managed to take all the fun out of an event because the perfectionist in me wants EVERYTHING just right.  Frankly, by the time my guests arrive, I'm pretty drunk and I really never know if anyone enjoyed the food or not.


Having a top-ranked culinary program in my high school?  

Having a wonderful TA who was a member of the team that participated at the state level with amazing food?  

In an act of absolute desperation brilliance, asking wonderful TA agree to buy, prepare (from scratch no less), and serve all the food?  

For the first time, I (completely sober) will meet my guests at the door, with a smile on my face and absolutely no stress in my body.  And I have no doubt this time everyone will enjoy the tasty food.

That is SO worth it to me.  No matter what the cost!

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