Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why aren't I packing for camp?

I'm supposed to be packing for leadership camp.  My ride will be here at 8AM tomorrow and I'm no where NEAR being ready to go.  This is so unlike me but I can't really bring myself to care.

 I still have loads of laundry to finish.  And then I have to go through allllll that laundry to figure out what to wear (based on what I can fit into).  The weather should be decent so a week of capris and t-shirts should suffice but figuring out shoes and which dress for banquet should take extra time.

I need to go to the grocery store to grab more green tea and margarita mix for Eric, who is home 24-7 with Alexander while I'm gone.  Which reminds me, I think I have to go the pharmacy, too.  Shoot.

I still have to dig out all the crap important stuff needed for a week at camp and sort through what to take this year.  Which means more laundry.  Oh man...

And I need to finalize my presentation which I have to have ready to go by Day 2 of camp.  It's a brand new one to me and I'm kinda freaking out sure it will be fine.  I just need to make sure I can coordinate the Glee clips with the powerpoint.  It's camp. I'm sure it will be fine...I'm just nervous.  Which is so dumb because I'm only speaking in front of 300 high school students and one presentation in a week isn't going to make or break their camp experience. 

In the past week, Alexander has had two nightmares that he can't find me and this morning, he crawled into our bed sobbing that he couldn't find me and misses me already.  So, that adds ANOTHER layer to leaving.  I'm hoping that printing some pictures of my face and putting them in his room will help.  Plus, his cousins come into town for three weeks so that should be a dandy distraction. I just don't want it to be too rough on Eric.

The reality is...I'll pull it all together tonight.  I love going to leadership camp and once I'm out the door tomorrow, I'll be so much better.  The boys will find their routine and be fine, too.

It's just getting to that point that is a little rough.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jonah and Tripp

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a blog about a little boy named Jonah.  Jonah has EB.  You can read about Jonah at his mom's blog  Believe me, once you do, you will adore this sweet little boy and admire his mom's strength and honesty, as I do.  Oh, and that Jonah?  Well, his smile is as bright as the sun.

Another little boy with EB, named Tripp, has also captured my heart.  Right now, at the sweet age of two, it appears Tripp may be ending his journey here on earth.  You can read about Tripp on his mom's blog  As you read Courtney's words, you can feel her heart is breaking about losing her son yet, she is ready for him to be in Heaven and pain-free.  I can't begin to imagine the conflict her heart must feel every day.

Be aware if you choose to read the blogs, you may see some pictures that will bother you.  EB is an ugly disease.  There is no way to make it pretty.  But I hope you can see past the wounds and look into their eyes and see what I see. 

Just a couple of cute kids.  Who shine from the inside out.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Book Review - A Reliable Wife

Book #2 - A Reliable Wife.

My friend, Laura, suggested this book to me.  She says it is one she has read two times and she never reads a book a second time.  I figured it had to be good. 

I was not disappointed.
I'd easily give this 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and I'd have a copy on my bookshelf to loan out and read again and again. 
It is set in rural Wisconsin, in the dead of winter in 1907.  The main character, Ralph Truitt writes an ad for a reliable wife and Catherine Land responds.  After a somewhat slow start to the book, the words come alive.  The author writes about love and marriage, with all of it complexity.  I was most surprised with all the references to sex, with its physical and emotional connections.  I didn't expect this angle at all and was fascinated how the author weaved the theme throughout the book, without it feeling trashy.  This book is not a Fabio-romance novel.  It is complex and beautiful and will grip you.  I typically flip to the back of the book to find out how it ends.  I like to know if I have predicted it correctly or not.  In this book, I predicted correctly how it would end but how the author brings you to the end cannot predicted. 

Should you read it?  Yes. 
It may not seem like a summer read but it is a short book and was quite easy to read over a day or two.

Theme of the Week: DETOX

How much can one family cram into one week? 
Let me tell ya...

Dad's Birthday party? 

Doctor appointment, hair appointment, work appointment?

Thomas the Train adventure?

Sleepover with Jo-Jo?

Family Reunion?

It was the best of times!

Eric and I did our best to stay with our diets but endless carbs and booze isn't exactly on the list of "must eats".  I have leadership camp in a week and would really be pleased if I could continue to fit into my summer clothes.

So, I'm in detox mode.  We don't have a busy week planned so it should be easy to fall back into our routine.

At least that's the hope.  Otherwise, my big ol' arse is going to need a shopping spree.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Discussion with my hair dresser

Here is a snippet of what you would have overheard at my hair appointment yesterday.  I should clarify; the snippet involving my hair.  Other snippets would have involved an armadillo, a bike ramp, swimming boys, and other miscellaneous conversation that fills 2 hours.

Me:  "Suzy, it's time for a change."
Suzy: "Oh?  What were you thinking?"
Me:  "I don't know but I don't want it short any more."
At this point, she's walking around me and I can see the wheels of thought turning.

Suzy: " you want me to cut it all one length so it can grow out?"
Me:  "Not yet.  It's too short in the back for that and I don't want a bob again.  And I like the length in the front.  I just know I want a change."
Pause.  Suzy's wheels are still turning but I can tell I'm no help.

Me: "I'm not much help, am I?  I was kinda hoping you'd have a thought."
Laughing Suzy:  "It is hair, Michelle.  There are only so many option - long, short, layers or no layers.  You've kinda seen them all."
We laugh because after 13 years, I really have seen them all.

Suzy: "How about we do this...?"
Me:  "Ok.  I trust you.  Work your magic."

It may not look much different than before, but it is.  More blonde.  More angle.

 Love the magic.  Just as much as I love the idea of growing it out again. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been a busy two weeks

So much for my goal of posting every day, huh?  Just when I thought I'd have more time, time was snatched away from me.  Last week, we had visitors 2 nights, a date night on Thursday which consisted of setting up the new TV and entertainment center, projects at my parents house and then a weekend filled with this...

Motorcycles.  Drugs.  Violence.  And really, REALLY good writing. 
Katey Sagal = AHHHMAZING.
When Eric and I find a show, we immerse ourselves.  We spent all weekend watching and loving this show.  Check it out.  You won't regret it.

Anyhow, we came up for air on Sunday for Dad's birthday party.  Sadly, I didn't remember to take out my camera out so I have to wait for Mom to send pictures.  It was a nice day for the guy....and his gnomes. 

This week is filled with a doctor appointment, a hair appointment, meeting with the administrative team from work, and a visit with Thomas the Train on Friday.  And then the reunion on Saturday!
   In between all of THAT, we'll be cleaning the house for the reunion and hopefully, find time to finish up the yardwork.  The weather isn't exactly cooperating.

THEN, it's time for leadership camp!  July seems to be flying by faster than months during the school year!
Have a great week!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review - Bossypants

Rather than wait until the end of the month, I thought I'd write my review now.  Why? 
I have the time.

Soooo, what did I think of Tina Fey's Bossypants?

I liked it.  I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.  Reading this book made me feel like I was chatting with Ms. Fey, as she describes the chapters of her childhood, career path, and family life.  And it made me want to sit down with her, drink a glass of wine, and laugh.  I'm not a huge fan of biographies.  The middle of these books often drag and I feel like the author is reaching for stories just to fill pages.  I don't recall many times during Bossypants where I sensed she was reaching for stories and several times, I think I snorted in laughter.  In my opinion, Tina Fey is a brilliant screen writer (have you seen Mean Girls?  Enough said) and some of that brilliance was in the book.   But not as much as I would have liked.  I haven't seen 30Rock and I won't be setting up the DVR to start recording the show, simply because I read the book.  However, I did look for old SNL clips of her doing the news and as Sarah Palin (brilliant, I say.  Brilliant).

I connected with her as a working mom and never thought there was someone who put in more hours than I do but this woman does it.  She makes fun of herself and her childhood in the same manner I do.  And she embraces her successes, which is always great to see in another working mom.  I could tell she likes who she is now, but there was a time when she didn't...just like most women I know.

So, should you read it?  Sure.  A nice easy summer read.  I loaned the book to my sister and she's eating it up.  I wouldn't buy it but see if the local library has a copy for you to borrow.  And then let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Super Awesome Husband and his projects

20 years ago, I met this guy.  Er...maybe it was 19 years ago.   Yea, it was 19 years ago.  Weird.

Since then, the man has put up with my shananigans.   And let me tell you, the shananigans aren't always pretty.  When I'm tired, stressed out, and fed up with everyone else, he's the one I take it out on.  He listens and then...he walks away to let me be until my head stops spinning like the girl in the Exorcist.  In the meantime, he stays at home with Alexander, puts up with HIS shananigans, and has created a routine for the two of them that works for them.  And he does all the cooking.  BOO-YAH!

Lately, the super awesome husband has been at it again.  Every summer, the guy puts up with a mommy who completely disrupts their routine by creating her routine (I have control issues, remember?).  So, what does he do in response?  He creates projects for us.  All our projects can be found at this blog.

Lately, the projects have been at my parents house.  Eric creates the project, tells my parents what he wants to do, and then...he just does it.  What started with replacing a pipe turned into a kitchen remodel.  What started with a garage storage space for medical supplies turned into removal of 30 years of crap and a cleaner garage.  Eric has the amazing gift of telling my parents what they are going to do and then before they can say yes or no, Eric gets to work.  My dad doesn't exactly embrace change and, more times than not, he remains very silent while Eric works.  Yet, he trusts Eric to make the changes and I don't think he's been disappointed by any of the ideas.   

The first project was the yard, earlier this spring.  Eric called the tree guy to cut down a couple of trees, called Tim to clear the yard and bring in topsoil, and left it to Dad to find a yard guy.  Now, my parents have a beautiful yard for his grandkids to play on and neighbors stopping to ask if they are going to move.

Once the front yard looked so good, Eric decided it was time to tackle the deck.  The deck had terrible storage bins that needed to be Eric removed them, along with a rotten board.  He sees a project, he tackles the project and then it's done.  That's just how the guy works.   Now that we have warm weather, they are really enjoying the space.

Next project was painting my dad's room.  Since he is retired, we've been trying to make the bedroom Dad-friendly.  This meant the mauve (yes, I said mauve) paint had to go.  Eric told Dad to pick out a color and voila, the pink room turned to blue!  Again, I forgot to take an after picture but the place looks better.  Trust me.

The projects nevert feel like a chore to us because Eric and I really like working together and Alexander REALLY likes hanging out with his grandparents.
The Super Awesome Husband and I may not be able to give you a kidney, Dad, but we hope the few projects we have done have made life a little bit more enjoyable for you and Mom.
Love you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July goals

First day of the month and I'm bringing back the monthly goals.  The last time I made monthly goals was JANUARY!  Apparently, I couldn't find the time, one day a month, to keep myself on track in the past six months.  Needless to say, work was busy, life was busy, and I didn't take the time to update the blog as much as I could have...which leads me to my first goal.

1.  Update blogs at least once a day.
2.  Update Book of the Month, with my review, the last weekend of the month.  By then my book club will have met so I'll have plenty to talk about! 
3.  Work out 5 of 7 days at Curves.  Add 30 minute daily walk 4 of 7 days.
4.  Clean out old clothes and take them to Goodwill.
5.  Give a strong presentation at leadership camp.

Nothing about weight loss, being stressed out, or balancing work with home.  Nothing but fun, simple, relaxing summer plans.  Kinda like the plan to head out to my deck right now to sit in the sun. 

Man, I love summer.