Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Discussion with my hair dresser

Here is a snippet of what you would have overheard at my hair appointment yesterday.  I should clarify; the snippet involving my hair.  Other snippets would have involved an armadillo, a bike ramp, swimming boys, and other miscellaneous conversation that fills 2 hours.

Me:  "Suzy, it's time for a change."
Suzy: "Oh?  What were you thinking?"
Me:  "I don't know but I don't want it short any more."
At this point, she's walking around me and I can see the wheels of thought turning.

Suzy: " you want me to cut it all one length so it can grow out?"
Me:  "Not yet.  It's too short in the back for that and I don't want a bob again.  And I like the length in the front.  I just know I want a change."
Pause.  Suzy's wheels are still turning but I can tell I'm no help.

Me: "I'm not much help, am I?  I was kinda hoping you'd have a thought."
Laughing Suzy:  "It is hair, Michelle.  There are only so many option - long, short, layers or no layers.  You've kinda seen them all."
We laugh because after 13 years, I really have seen them all.

Suzy: "How about we do this...?"
Me:  "Ok.  I trust you.  Work your magic."

It may not look much different than before, but it is.  More blonde.  More angle.

 Love the magic.  Just as much as I love the idea of growing it out again. 

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  1. I'm exactly like you when it comes to my hair! The minute I grow it long, I want it short again and vice versa! Thankfully my sister is a hair stylist...she always seems to know what I want:)

    The cut and color look amazing...perhaps I ought to go short again;)


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