Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why aren't I packing for camp?

I'm supposed to be packing for leadership camp.  My ride will be here at 8AM tomorrow and I'm no where NEAR being ready to go.  This is so unlike me but I can't really bring myself to care.

 I still have loads of laundry to finish.  And then I have to go through allllll that laundry to figure out what to wear (based on what I can fit into).  The weather should be decent so a week of capris and t-shirts should suffice but figuring out shoes and which dress for banquet should take extra time.

I need to go to the grocery store to grab more green tea and margarita mix for Eric, who is home 24-7 with Alexander while I'm gone.  Which reminds me, I think I have to go the pharmacy, too.  Shoot.

I still have to dig out all the crap important stuff needed for a week at camp and sort through what to take this year.  Which means more laundry.  Oh man...

And I need to finalize my presentation which I have to have ready to go by Day 2 of camp.  It's a brand new one to me and I'm kinda freaking out sure it will be fine.  I just need to make sure I can coordinate the Glee clips with the powerpoint.  It's camp. I'm sure it will be fine...I'm just nervous.  Which is so dumb because I'm only speaking in front of 300 high school students and one presentation in a week isn't going to make or break their camp experience. 

In the past week, Alexander has had two nightmares that he can't find me and this morning, he crawled into our bed sobbing that he couldn't find me and misses me already.  So, that adds ANOTHER layer to leaving.  I'm hoping that printing some pictures of my face and putting them in his room will help.  Plus, his cousins come into town for three weeks so that should be a dandy distraction. I just don't want it to be too rough on Eric.

The reality is...I'll pull it all together tonight.  I love going to leadership camp and once I'm out the door tomorrow, I'll be so much better.  The boys will find their routine and be fine, too.

It's just getting to that point that is a little rough.


  1. Have an AMAZING time at camp. Send my love to EVERYONE. What session are you presenting?

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