Sunday, July 17, 2011

Theme of the Week: DETOX

How much can one family cram into one week? 
Let me tell ya...

Dad's Birthday party? 

Doctor appointment, hair appointment, work appointment?

Thomas the Train adventure?

Sleepover with Jo-Jo?

Family Reunion?

It was the best of times!

Eric and I did our best to stay with our diets but endless carbs and booze isn't exactly on the list of "must eats".  I have leadership camp in a week and would really be pleased if I could continue to fit into my summer clothes.

So, I'm in detox mode.  We don't have a busy week planned so it should be easy to fall back into our routine.

At least that's the hope.  Otherwise, my big ol' arse is going to need a shopping spree.

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  1. Pretty sure I JUST did a post about detoxing from family fun. The food and booze we've been throwing back around here this summer is ridiculous. Haha!! And I have been running like a mad woman with very little scale proof to show for it. Oh well...that's what summer is about right? But this detox is going to feel good. I need it. Good luck with yours too girlfriend!


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