Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Super Awesome Husband and his projects

20 years ago, I met this guy.  Er...maybe it was 19 years ago.   Yea, it was 19 years ago.  Weird.

Since then, the man has put up with my shananigans.   And let me tell you, the shananigans aren't always pretty.  When I'm tired, stressed out, and fed up with everyone else, he's the one I take it out on.  He listens and then...he walks away to let me be until my head stops spinning like the girl in the Exorcist.  In the meantime, he stays at home with Alexander, puts up with HIS shananigans, and has created a routine for the two of them that works for them.  And he does all the cooking.  BOO-YAH!

Lately, the super awesome husband has been at it again.  Every summer, the guy puts up with a mommy who completely disrupts their routine by creating her routine (I have control issues, remember?).  So, what does he do in response?  He creates projects for us.  All our projects can be found at this blog.

Lately, the projects have been at my parents house.  Eric creates the project, tells my parents what he wants to do, and then...he just does it.  What started with replacing a pipe turned into a kitchen remodel.  What started with a garage storage space for medical supplies turned into removal of 30 years of crap and a cleaner garage.  Eric has the amazing gift of telling my parents what they are going to do and then before they can say yes or no, Eric gets to work.  My dad doesn't exactly embrace change and, more times than not, he remains very silent while Eric works.  Yet, he trusts Eric to make the changes and I don't think he's been disappointed by any of the ideas.   

The first project was the yard, earlier this spring.  Eric called the tree guy to cut down a couple of trees, called Tim to clear the yard and bring in topsoil, and left it to Dad to find a yard guy.  Now, my parents have a beautiful yard for his grandkids to play on and neighbors stopping to ask if they are going to move.

Once the front yard looked so good, Eric decided it was time to tackle the deck.  The deck had terrible storage bins that needed to be Eric removed them, along with a rotten board.  He sees a project, he tackles the project and then it's done.  That's just how the guy works.   Now that we have warm weather, they are really enjoying the space.

Next project was painting my dad's room.  Since he is retired, we've been trying to make the bedroom Dad-friendly.  This meant the mauve (yes, I said mauve) paint had to go.  Eric told Dad to pick out a color and voila, the pink room turned to blue!  Again, I forgot to take an after picture but the place looks better.  Trust me.

The projects nevert feel like a chore to us because Eric and I really like working together and Alexander REALLY likes hanging out with his grandparents.
The Super Awesome Husband and I may not be able to give you a kidney, Dad, but we hope the few projects we have done have made life a little bit more enjoyable for you and Mom.
Love you!


  1. Love you both. Dad LOVES having a "man room" with paint that he picked out! Although we are sorry Papa's storage bins aged over the 19 years of the deck and had to leave we do love the new feel of the deck and its expanded space.
    Now we wait for Eric's new project. Thank you both.

  2. you three are the magic in my life and I would take you over a new kidney....any day. Love ya.


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