Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A picture says a thousand words

I saw this image in a presentation today.  I couldn't help but think how it symbolizes my new job and how I never know what is going to happen once I arrive at work.  There are problems to be solved.  Decisions to be made.  Conversations to be had.  And even if I don't know the final destination,  there is always a path to take.  

Oh, this job makes my heart sing. 
And the kids haven't even shown up yet!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


On Monday night, I accepted a new job.  I have a fancy new title and everything. I also get to wear this blue fuzzy, feather thing around my neck on spirit days.  Whenever I want.  Because I'm the ASB teacher and showing spirit is my job as a role model.  

If only they knew, how much I actually get a kick out of spirit days.  And wearing blue, fuzzy, feather things around my neck.

By Tuesday night, I was having nightmares that my boss fired me.  After 12 hours.  Gotta love self-doubt.

By Wednesday night, I couldn't turn my mind off.  But my old office has been emptied and I'm slowly moving into the new one.  I spent most of the day hugging happy staff members and cheering with excited ASB kids.  It was awesome.

Now, it's Thursday morning.  Really early Thursday morning. 

And I'm working at my kitchen table.  In my bathrobe.  Drinking my second cup of coffee.
I haven't even made a dent in my emails that have poured in over the last several days.  But I have a better idea of what my calendar looks like (the planner in me needs a calendar), I have several lists going (we all know how I love a good list), I found the immunization paperwork for Alexander (required for preschool), and I'm about to tackle my class syllabus (I'm teaching leadership instead of PE this year).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this new job.  I may never sleep again...but I am going to love it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Interview of a lifetime

Our weekend in Chelan has come to an end.

It was the best weekend, spent with the ladies of my family and our kids.  Pool time with the kids.  Cocktails and cribbage with my sister.   Needless to say, a whole lot of sunkissed skin came home today. 

Now I sit here, wine glass in hand, thankful for my sweet husband who deep cleaned the house when we were gone (not kidding) and is giving our son a bath while I update blogs and read emails.

On Monday morning, I have an interview for a new job.  I haven't been overly nervous about the job interview because a year ago, my heart was already broken over not receiving this same job position.  But heartache doesn't mean you back down and when the chance came again, I took it.  Eric has been so supportive and wonderful about it.  Either way, the man still loves me and wants what is best for me.  Isn't that the best feeling?  I think so.

I received great advice out of the blue, via text, about the interview a few minutes ago.  "Don't kiss their arse, you will make the program way better so make sure they know what to expect.  Other than that, don't worry because realistically, the decision has been made."  This is advice from a 19 year old former student.  He and I worked together for two years in the program and I believe his advice is dead on. It doesn't mean I won't go in and try but politically, I do feel the chances are slim.  Surprisingly, I'm ok with it.

All I can do is my best.  I will wear my fancy clothes, be professional, and give them ME. I can't control the outcome,even if I believe, in my heart of hearts, that I am the best person for this job. 

By the end of this week, I will either be celebrating or commiserating.  Either way, it will be the right decision for our family

BUT, if you have a few minutes around say, 9:30AM, I would love a few happy thoughts thrown my way!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Three days camping.


Three days in Chelan.
Double Awesome.

It is no wonder I start the school year tired!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My oh-so-exciting Saturday night

I'm working on my National Board Certification.

On a Saturday night.  In the summer.

What the hell was I thinking, when I volunteered for this program?


I'm an idiot.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'd make a terrible doctor...or nurse, for that matter

I came home from leadership camp with a cold.  I spent most of the week, feeling awful.  But being sick didn't stop me.  It never does.  Life doesn't need to come to a screeching halt, just because of a cold.

Alexander caught the cold, just days after I returned home.  He had a fever of 102 one night but is now spending his days coughing, sneezing, and blowing his nose like Warehouse Mouse (gotta use whatever method I can use, right?).  He's on the mend, though.

Eric woke up on Thursday...with the cold.  He has a fever, is coughing, sneezing and blowing his nose like Warehouse Mouse.  He's actually upright today but, according to him, he is still a few days away from feeling like he wants to be a member of the human race again.  Poor guy just feels terrible.

I can't stand that these two are sick.  And I don't mean I can't stand it as in "I feel so badly for them".  I mean, I can't stand it because I can't stand people being sick around me.  I have no patience for sick people.  It's a flaw that I can't overcome and is deeply embedded in me.  It's why I never go to the doctor.  Sick people bug me.

But, like a good mom and wife,  I go through the motions of buying tissue and juice for the patients.  I fix chicken noodle soup, wash dirty linens, clean up gross tissues (boys have no concept of cleaning these things up!), and ask if there is anything I can get them, over and over again.  Meanwhile, I'm secretly irritated that they are sick and resent the fact that life doesn't stop for me, as well.  It's completely irrational.  Not very nice.  And I have to be very careful that I'm not overly rude to either of them.

I'm not proud of it but it is who I am.  So, it's a good thing I didn't go in the medical world.  I have a terrible bedside manner!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Battle

I have Hypothyroidism  -  a medical condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone to regulate the body. The function of the thyroid is to regulate the body's metabolism to help us stay in great shape.  So, when the thyroid doesn't work, the metabolism isn't regulated.  No matter how much I was exercising or watching what I was eating, my metabolism was out of whack and I wasn't going to be able to be in shape. 

In other words, this measly little gland, 
controls everything in my world. 
I am currently the size I was in 2000, when I started Weight Watchers for the first time. I can remember January 1, 2000, when I made the conscious decision to take control. I lost the weight, felt great, and maintained that weight loss for seven years.  And then...pregnancy.

Pregnancy reeked havoc on my control and my body.  I foolishly gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  Fortunately, I didn't balloon too badly and it didn't take long for most of the weight to disappear - all but ten pounds.  It was during this time that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have been on medication since 2007 and haven't had to do more than a yearly exam to make sure the medication was still working.

Let's fast forward...

In March, I had my thyroid readjusted for the first time in three years.  In May/June, I found myself needing it adjusted again.  I admit, this was rather confusing to me - to go from not requiring any adjustment in three years, to needing it done twice in less than six months?  I was following WW and running 15-20 miles a week so shouldn't my metabolism have leveled out?  Turns out the answer is a solid NO and I put on weight during that time. And there really is nothing more frustrating than working hard, having total focus on being healthy, and your body rejects the act and actually adds pounds to your frame!  And when the thyroid doesn't work, I end up depressed and fatigued, which doesn't help with my mental psyche.  To be honest, it is a pretty bitter cycle.  And really, all I want is to drop 10 lbs!

I had my thyroid reassessed in June (right around the RNR) and started new medication the first of July.  My doctor told me that the running is having a direct effect on the thyroid function due to the increase in my metabolism and as long as I run, I will have to keep a closer eye on my thyroid function.  I tell ya, that little gland really has too much power in my body!  

I happened to be talking about it at camp and someone asked if I had embraced this thyroid of mine.  If I was ready to accept that I can still have control but with new parameters.  The question made me think.  When it comes down to it, am I ready to let go of this last excuse and face the hard work of becoming healthy?

Answer:  YES.
I've decided it is time to embrace my little gland, rather than fight it.  Since starting the medication, one month later, I've dropped 5 lbs, without thinking about it.  I'm running again and dusted off the WW books.  I've marked November 1 to remind myself to have another blood draw done so I can stay ahead of the battle. 

I'm going to eat healthy, even if the thyroid battle continues.  I'm going to continue running, even if the thyroid battle continues.  I'm going to make healthy choices and have control over my body image issues, even if the thyroid battle continues.  The thyroid battle is NO LONGER AN EXCUSE. 

I am going to lose these 10 lbs. How can I lose the battle, now that I have let go of all the excuses?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who doesn't love a mini-vacay?

Before the school year craziness begins, we planned TWO mini-vacays for next week.  Who doesn't love a mini-vacay, right?

First, we're going camping  with Big Papa and Umma.

Last year, we found a state park, with sites large enough to accomodate the house-on-wheels, about 30 minutes from home.  

Alexander will spend the first night with his grandparents, giving his daddy and mommy a date night and then we'll drive over and spend the next few days with them.  One of the perks of having summers off is we can do these types of things in the middle of the week and not worry about large crowds!

At the end of the week, Alexander and Mommy are going to join Auntie Kimmie, Lorelli and Umma for a few days of R&R at 

Daddy is staying home for his little mini-vacay.  We are lucky to have family members gracious enough to1)  loan us a condo for the weekend and 2) let us spend the day by the pool/lake side at their condo (different from the one we are staying at, if you can't follow what I'm saying).  Now that the little guy has passed his first swimming class, it will be really fun to see how he does with the freedom of wearing a Puddle Jumper jacket.  And I'm looking forward to the sunshine and laughter as we relax for a few days in the sunshine.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some days, my thoughts just ramble...
  • I can count on one hand the number of times my son has been sick (2 times) in the past 3 1/2 years.  He has the immune system of a horse.  But this time, the cold I brought home from camp was too much for him.  Throughout the day yesterday, Alexander's cough became worse and worse and he started complaining about being cold and then hot.  About 11PM, we gave him Children's Motrin.  When his fever hit 102, I decided to sleep on his floor.  Over reaction?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Fingers crossed that his fever has broken - for good.

  • Since Alexander is sick, we can't go to the bouncy house for Jack's birthday party today.  Totally bummed because I know how much fun it would have been for the little man.

  • Summer time is not supposed to start with grey, foggy days that slowly burn off to the sunshine.  If I wanted to live on the ocean coast, I would.  The only good thing is that the weather is perfect for morning runs.

  • I'm enjoying running shorter distances these days.  I ran 5 miles on Saturday and it felt great.  I remember the days when running 1 or 2 miles felt like a huge accomplishment and now I don't want to do anything less than 5!

  • I lost 5 lbs at camp (camp food = grossness) and I'm working to lose another 5 before school starts.

  • Speaking  of school, there could be a job change in my future...stay tuned and send positive thoughts as it is a change for the better. 

  • I don't like having an empty calendar.  I love to fill it with playdates, adventures and events to look forward to.  But this week is very clear.  So clear that the only thing I have to look forward to is a trip to Target today.  Pathetic?  Absolutely. 

  • But a clear schedule means it is time to re-read the Twilight books.  Team Edward?  Team Jacob? Which team are you on?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a difference

It seems like a lifetime ago that...

I was laughing with former-students-turned-junior-counselors at camp.

For, in the next few weeks, studying for National Boards...

will become my national pastime (that is my blog on the screen).

Extreme Trains will be my background noise...

as I use a DVD to keep my son entertained. 

Which makes me ever so grateful for...

even if it can't numb the guilt in my heart.