Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some days, my thoughts just ramble...
  • I can count on one hand the number of times my son has been sick (2 times) in the past 3 1/2 years.  He has the immune system of a horse.  But this time, the cold I brought home from camp was too much for him.  Throughout the day yesterday, Alexander's cough became worse and worse and he started complaining about being cold and then hot.  About 11PM, we gave him Children's Motrin.  When his fever hit 102, I decided to sleep on his floor.  Over reaction?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  Fingers crossed that his fever has broken - for good.

  • Since Alexander is sick, we can't go to the bouncy house for Jack's birthday party today.  Totally bummed because I know how much fun it would have been for the little man.

  • Summer time is not supposed to start with grey, foggy days that slowly burn off to the sunshine.  If I wanted to live on the ocean coast, I would.  The only good thing is that the weather is perfect for morning runs.

  • I'm enjoying running shorter distances these days.  I ran 5 miles on Saturday and it felt great.  I remember the days when running 1 or 2 miles felt like a huge accomplishment and now I don't want to do anything less than 5!

  • I lost 5 lbs at camp (camp food = grossness) and I'm working to lose another 5 before school starts.

  • Speaking  of school, there could be a job change in my future...stay tuned and send positive thoughts as it is a change for the better. 

  • I don't like having an empty calendar.  I love to fill it with playdates, adventures and events to look forward to.  But this week is very clear.  So clear that the only thing I have to look forward to is a trip to Target today.  Pathetic?  Absolutely. 

  • But a clear schedule means it is time to re-read the Twilight books.  Team Edward?  Team Jacob? Which team are you on?

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  1. wait!!! you have a clear calendar??? hold the phone...no wait! don't hold the phone. What day should we come down and hang out before school and life and schedules start up again? =)


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