Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who doesn't love a mini-vacay?

Before the school year craziness begins, we planned TWO mini-vacays for next week.  Who doesn't love a mini-vacay, right?

First, we're going camping  with Big Papa and Umma.

Last year, we found a state park, with sites large enough to accomodate the house-on-wheels, about 30 minutes from home.  

Alexander will spend the first night with his grandparents, giving his daddy and mommy a date night and then we'll drive over and spend the next few days with them.  One of the perks of having summers off is we can do these types of things in the middle of the week and not worry about large crowds!

At the end of the week, Alexander and Mommy are going to join Auntie Kimmie, Lorelli and Umma for a few days of R&R at 

Daddy is staying home for his little mini-vacay.  We are lucky to have family members gracious enough to1)  loan us a condo for the weekend and 2) let us spend the day by the pool/lake side at their condo (different from the one we are staying at, if you can't follow what I'm saying).  Now that the little guy has passed his first swimming class, it will be really fun to see how he does with the freedom of wearing a Puddle Jumper jacket.  And I'm looking forward to the sunshine and laughter as we relax for a few days in the sunshine.



  1. Love, love... LOVE CHELAN!!! :) I haven't been in a few years. We usually camp at the park in the city... but next time I go I want to splurge and either pay for a vacation rental on the lake with a dock and everything for our boat or I want to stay at Campbell's!!! :) I'm jealous! :) However, we live thirty minutes from Cushman... it's gorgeous too! But a bit chilly, no? HA! Being at the base of the Olympics will do that to a lake! ;)

  2. When are you going tho Chelan? The whole Schoolcraft clan is there Friday to Sunday (6-8th). Please say you're there too!! xoxo

  3. One set of cousins are staying at Campbell's so we'll have a chance to check out the place, Chelsi. I've always wanted to go to Cushman - might have to next year!

    Fidelia - we are in Chelan the following weekend and will just miss you. :(


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