Friday, August 6, 2010

I'd make a terrible doctor...or nurse, for that matter

I came home from leadership camp with a cold.  I spent most of the week, feeling awful.  But being sick didn't stop me.  It never does.  Life doesn't need to come to a screeching halt, just because of a cold.

Alexander caught the cold, just days after I returned home.  He had a fever of 102 one night but is now spending his days coughing, sneezing, and blowing his nose like Warehouse Mouse (gotta use whatever method I can use, right?).  He's on the mend, though.

Eric woke up on Thursday...with the cold.  He has a fever, is coughing, sneezing and blowing his nose like Warehouse Mouse.  He's actually upright today but, according to him, he is still a few days away from feeling like he wants to be a member of the human race again.  Poor guy just feels terrible.

I can't stand that these two are sick.  And I don't mean I can't stand it as in "I feel so badly for them".  I mean, I can't stand it because I can't stand people being sick around me.  I have no patience for sick people.  It's a flaw that I can't overcome and is deeply embedded in me.  It's why I never go to the doctor.  Sick people bug me.

But, like a good mom and wife,  I go through the motions of buying tissue and juice for the patients.  I fix chicken noodle soup, wash dirty linens, clean up gross tissues (boys have no concept of cleaning these things up!), and ask if there is anything I can get them, over and over again.  Meanwhile, I'm secretly irritated that they are sick and resent the fact that life doesn't stop for me, as well.  It's completely irrational.  Not very nice.  And I have to be very careful that I'm not overly rude to either of them.

I'm not proud of it but it is who I am.  So, it's a good thing I didn't go in the medical world.  I have a terrible bedside manner!

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