Friday, July 1, 2011

July goals

First day of the month and I'm bringing back the monthly goals.  The last time I made monthly goals was JANUARY!  Apparently, I couldn't find the time, one day a month, to keep myself on track in the past six months.  Needless to say, work was busy, life was busy, and I didn't take the time to update the blog as much as I could have...which leads me to my first goal.

1.  Update blogs at least once a day.
2.  Update Book of the Month, with my review, the last weekend of the month.  By then my book club will have met so I'll have plenty to talk about! 
3.  Work out 5 of 7 days at Curves.  Add 30 minute daily walk 4 of 7 days.
4.  Clean out old clothes and take them to Goodwill.
5.  Give a strong presentation at leadership camp.

Nothing about weight loss, being stressed out, or balancing work with home.  Nothing but fun, simple, relaxing summer plans.  Kinda like the plan to head out to my deck right now to sit in the sun. 

Man, I love summer.

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  1. I think I need to set some goals too, and ACTUALLY work at them, lol!! Great list, and I agree wholeheartedly... summer is wonderful!


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