Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Anyone who knows me knows I am a social butterfly.  I LOVE a good party, drinks after work with friends, and any event that lets me sit around for hours, chatting, laughing and enjoying cocktails.
In the past three years, that social scene is what I miss the most about my old life.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom and a wife.
But there are times I miss being Michelle.

Friday night - After work, I took off to meet my friend, Kelli, who I have known since I was 11 (we figured that out in between sets at the concert).  Our birthdays are a week apart and we've celebrated together for so long that I've lost count. She is one of my dearest friends and I love my Kelli time.  
We headed to her house to put ourselves together for the Nickelback concert.  Kelli and I do enjoy our concerts and affection for rockstars.  We've seen Def Leppard, Goo-Goo Dolls, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Nickelback (2times).  So, we cranked the music, put our big girl clothes on, and headed to the show.
I have to say, having a girlfriend who is single is awesome and the perfect sanctuary to find your inner rockstar.  For a few hours, I wasn't Mom and I wasn't Wife.  
I was Michelle.  And it rocked.

Nickelback concert with this gal

Here Kelli and I are at the Gorge, enjoying Nickelback last summer.

It is quite possible we were rockstars or rockstar groupies in our former life.   And we're already searching for a summer concert.  Any suggestions?.

Saturday night - Despite a late night on Friday, I woke up early with Alexander to spend time with him.  I hadn't seen him at all on Friday and we only had a few hours together before he headed to his grandparents for the night (Thanks Umma and Big Papa!).  Once he left, I spent a little time with Eric and then headed off for my afternoon to go out and play with these girls.
Rin, Gypsy, Mika and me (with a weird head tilt)
After several sangarias, appetizers, laughs, and non stop conversation, we headed to Rin's house.  Rin's house is our sanctuary.  No kids.  No husbands.  Clean and quiet.  We opened bottle after bottle of red wine, ate more unhealthy but oh-so-delicious food, and laughed for hours. 
Again, more Michelle time.

Mother's Day - Rather than being woken up to breakfast in bed, I woke up to silence.  And it was 9AM!  Hallelujah!  I haven't slept in that late in months.  I think this is why Eric asked his parents to watch Alexander for us - he knew I wanted sleep after my busy weekend!  After a slow wake up, I headed to McLendon's and bought container after container of flowers for our planters.  I wanted to have everything ready for Alexander's return so we could spend the afternoon planting the flowers since it was a beautiful sunny day in the PNW.
Alexander is my best helper, you know.
After a long afternoon nap, the three of us headed out into the sunshine to work in the yard.  

And I realized that as much as I enjoy and need my time as Michelle, the balance as Michelle, Mom and Wife is a fragile one.  If the scale tips too far in one direction, I lose energy to give to others.  But if the scale tips too far in the other direction, I lose sight of what I have waiting at home.  

I don't know that I'll find the perfect balance of the three roles.  But weekends like this one remind me that looking for the balance is where all the fun lies.
And boy, did I have fun!

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