Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Mental Side of Running

Seven weeks to the half marathon.

I wanted to be running six miles (without inerval training) by this point.  I am running five.
I wanted to be running ten miles (with interval training) by this point.  We're running six and are close to pushing seven or eight.

I haven't met my goals but I am proud of myself, nonetheless. 
Any day I can finish a run is a good day in my book. 

Right now, I'm struggling with the mental side of long distance running.  Physically, I feel stronger than ever.

Mentally?  I can't seem to keep my thoughts engaged to push the longer distances.  If  I'm with another person, no problem.  I'm at a point where I can chat while running to pass the time.  Running by myself?  Totally different story. 

Podcasts do help.  But if I'm alone and there is no one to hold me accountable, I will cut the distance simply because I'm bored.

Anyone have suggestions how to push past this mental barrier?

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  1. Drive to a good place to run (Alki beach is my fave) or do a one-way run. I find that the turning around or looping around makes it harder to go. But, if you leave your house and know you have to run to one place and then have your husband pick you up there around a certain time, it's pretty easy to keep up that motivation to get there. :-)


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