Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

My sister, Kim, turns 36 today.  Kinda big deal if you ask me!  But Kim hates her birthday.  In honor of that hatred, I thought I would make her a list to show her why she should enjoy her birthday...


10.  This year, your birthday falls on a 3 day weekend.  Which means, in essence, a LOT of people are celebrating with you.  That's pretty awesome.

9.  By the luck of it falling on a 3 day weekend, you are able to sleep in for your birthday or have breakfast in bed (as prepared by a lovely seven year old).

8. It's a day to receive gifts.  And, if money is involved, you are about to go buy yourself a new pair of shoes (or a mani/pedi).

7.  RJ is a fabulous cook who will make you whatever you want for a birthday dinner.

6.  You're still happily married (and that's saying a lot with your particular social group).

5.  You've lost 20 lbs since your last birthday and you're rocking it well!

4.  You've got a kick ass job and you're rocking it well, too!

3. Instead of having to go into work on your birthday and deal with summer bridezillas who are pissed about the rainy weather ruining their special day, you get to spend your birthday at home with two people who adore you more than anything else. 

2.   3.  You have a whole day to celebrate with Lorelli and RJ,

1.  Turning 36 isn't so bad.  You could be turning 39.  Now, THAT'S bad.

Happy birthday, little sister! I love you!

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