Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Road Again - with a new pair of Sauconys!

I am bored with running.

I admit it.

I miss the days when I would strap on the shoes, plug headphones in the iPod, and hit the road to run, just because it felt good to move.

These days, running is more of an obligation and less of an accomplishment.  I am forced to hit the trails to put in the miles for the training of this crazy half marathon thing I signed myself up (in 3 short weeks!  ACK!) rather than hit the trails to enjoy the sensation of exercise.

I'm frustrated that instead of losing weight, I'm gaining it.

I don't have the time for the long runs. I'm frustrated that running anything less than 5 miles feels like a bad workout. Unfortuantely, running 5+ miles takes over an hour for my elephant self to finish.  

But when do I have an hour on any given night with end of the year commitments, a family, and this dark, wet, dreary weather that is slowly killing me on the inside?

But I wasn't raised by my mama and daddy to give up.

So, I have done what any smart, enthusiastic, competitive woman would do...

I bought me a new pair of kicks!

Aren't they pretty?!

I love Saucony shoes.  And I love the Saucony Women's ProGrid Hurricane 11 Running Shoe which is currently on sale at Amazon.com. 

On sale.  Awesome.

Funny how a brand new pair of shoes can give a person a brand new perspective.

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  1. Love the new kicks! I am in awe of your running skills! Soon, you will be able to enjoy your runs for the sake of moving again and not see them as a chore. Gooooo Chelle!


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