Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Run

The half marathon is three weeks away.  That thought freaks me out.

Today, the herd (-1) ran 10 miles with interval training.  Keep in mind, the longest I have ever run is 7 miles with interval training.

Let's stop and read that last sentence again.

I RAN 7 MILES?  What?  THEN I RAN 10 MILES?  What What?

This from the girl who, during softball practice, would pretend she left something in the car, or would tie her shoes, or would complain endlessly how softball players didn't need to run because we stop and start from base to base.  I would come up with anything to avoid having to run from home base to the outfield fence.  I laugh about it now because the distance was SO short yet my complaints were endless throughout the season.  
Oh, how my coaches must have loved me.

Granted, all this running is with interval training (6 min run, 1.15 min walk).  But we're shaving down the number of intervals it take us to complete a distance and we're running faster during the running portion of the interval. We are running.  Who cares how it is getting done, right?

I've said all along that I thought we could do this half marathon thing.  However, I have had my doubts.  Finding the time to run long distances is difficult.  Finding the motivation to run long distances is difficult.  Finding the stamina to run long distances is the most difficult of all.

We're doing it, though.  One step at a time.  One mile at a time.

Dare I say running has become fun again?!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS my friend!!! I am so proud of you!!!! I wish I can enjoy running like you, it feels like a job for me just to do 2-3 miles a day! Im pathetic! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You can sooooo do this Chelle!


    I am so not a runner, but I wish I was! You're an inspiration!


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