Monday, June 14, 2010

Summertime Fun!

My last day of school is Thursday.  Technically, it is a half day but we have a golf tournament for staff so realistically, it is a full day (of drinking and bad golf that is oh-so-fun!).

I started thinking what I want to do with my summer months (10 weeks, to be exact) and have started a list.  Not that my writing a new list should come as any surprise to any of my lovely readers...
  • Read.  I'm going to re-read the Twilight books.  And  I ordered two books from the local library this afternoon. Have you read either?  What did you think?


  • Complete this challenge:
I bought it last week and when my muscles recover from the half marathon, Jillian and I are going to hang out.  For 30 days.
  • Work on National Boards, once a week, for four hours.
  • Run four times a week.  Not for distance, but definitely 3-4 miles each time.
  • Clear out the basement,  the loft storage space, and Alexander's closet and have a garage sale.  One gals "crap" is another gals "treasures", right?
  • Take Alexander camping for the first time.  We might end up sleeping in a tent in our backyard but it will be camping.
  • Visit a local park once a week to slide down slides, swing on swings, and laugh out loud with Alexander.
  • Thursday night Date Nights with Eric.
Can't wait to start crossing this stuff off the list!

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    1. The Guernsey potato Peel... book is gorgeous!!! LOVED it!


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