Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Last night was Senior Prom. I have been the Class of 2010 advisor for four years and Prom is the final event (well, I do have to read names at graduation but that's easy in comparison to putting on a Prom). 
Imagine planning a wedding every four years with high school students who are in charge of fund raising and budgeting and you can imagine how excited I am to have this behind me  

Jen and I couldn't resist posing with royalty gear!

After a late night, I was more than ready for a lazy day.

Alexander spent the night with Umm and Big Papa (thanks for the sleepover!) so I could sleep in after a night of breaking up freak dancing partying.
We slept in, ate breakfast in bed, and planted ourselves on the couch to watch Dexter.

 (image found on google images)

Have you ever watched this show?  We're in the midst of Season 3.  We had heard this season jumped the shark but we've been pleasantly surprised by the plot twists.

In a few hours, I'll haul myself up to shower so we can enjoy a bbq with friends. 

And the best news of all...I have tomorrow off too!!

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  1. Love Dexter! I watched Season 4 episode 8 last night. Must admit i'm getting a bit bored but my hubby tells me to hang in there that it is well worth it to watch to the end of the season :)
    Have you read the Dexter books?



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