Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick Update

It's almost 10PM and I'm exhausted.  But my brain is racing so here I am.  One of the side effects of my thyroid not working is I can't fall asleep.  And then once I do, I wake up over and over again and never really sleep.  It's day 2 of meds so I'm hoping tonight is better.  Anyhow, as I wait for sleep to arrive, I thought I'd give a quick update from the week.  At least being on the blog has to be better than Facebook, right? 

Here's a quick update - bullet-style.

  • Jen's visit on Thursday was awesome.  No one but Jen would drive from Portland to Seattle just to hang out for less than 24 hours to have dinner with an ol' college friend and then drive back early the next morning..  She's awesome like that.  Alexander loved playing trains with her.  I loved having the girl time  and going out to dinner with her, and Eric liked that someone was here to keep me entertained.  I just wish the visit could have been longer!  Next time.
  • The foundation guy didn't show up yesterday, as planned.  I'm not really sure why 1) he is so flaky and 2) why we are choosing someone who is so flaky to dig/pour/lay our foundation.  He has a solid reputation (I'm a tad skeptical about that reputation!).  Hopefully, we'll have some progress soon.  Knowing my luck, they'll start digging in the ground the day before we host the family reunion!
  • The first day of our garage sale was a success.  The temperatures hit 95 so I wouldn't say we had a huge crowd but we did well.  Tomorrow, the temps drop so we suspect we'll see more faces.  Regardless, at the end of it all, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) goes to the local Goodwill.  It feels so good to purge this house of unused items!
  • Eric mowed the lawn and did some weed wacking so the yard no longer looks like a bunch of hill billies have moved in.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to finish the rest of the weed wacking before we host Dad's bbq on Sunday but that's ok.  Like I told my cousin, family loves you, despite the state the yard is when they drive up.  Or something like that.  I certainly hope it holds true!
  • But next week, after my brother leaves and things settle down, I'll tackle the yard.  And deep clean the house.  Cause we have another party next Saturday.  You know which party.  The big family reunion that I haven't attended in years/  The one that is never at someone's house but always at a campground, condo, or other nice location,  The one that has my mom's ENTIRE family rolling up and hangin out at my house.  Yea.  That one.  Needless to say, some serious cleaning and yardwork ass-kicking will be happening next week.  It's a good thing I love a party!
  • And THEN I'll start thinking and planning for leadership camp and leaving my boys for 8 days.  Oy.  I can't EVEN BEGIN to think about that right now.
Finally, did  I mention Eric is planning to break Alexander of the binky?   Yea, the boys broke the news to me tonight. In one week, Project: No More Binky goes into effect.  OMG.  I am going to need to a lot of red wine because when those tears flow and my baby is screaming for his binky, there is no way my heart will keep from breaking.  God help me!


  1. The fact that it is 1:37 am and I am awake is not good...are you up? We should FB together! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life with me...of course I would drive from P-town to Seattle for 20 hours to see you. Here is the scoop..I came for your birthday and for mine. Might be a twice a year trip. Both times I have come, I have come home feeling happy. You are such an amazing woman with a great heart. I love you to death and am grateful you took me back in the inner circle after all these years.

    Woo Woo trains were just as fun for me as for him. He is adorable.

    Next time Eric will have to join us at least for a drink. I mean unless he is genuinely thrilled about being upstairs the entire day.

    You guys are awesome...see you the beginning of October I guess. If I am invited I mean!

  2. hm, I can never sleep either and my mom has thyroid issues, maybe I do too?

    As we are moving soon I've made a vow to get rid of ANYTHING we don't regularly use. I can't weight to lighten the load of this house!!

    Hope breaking the little guy of the binky won't be too rough on you! :(


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