Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Stand Among Giants

I leave for Leadership Camp tomorrow morning.  

This the sixth summer that I've attended as a senior counselor, to work with over 300 high school student-leaders.  As always, I'm frantic about leaving the boys, worried that Alexander will push Eric's every last button, and that they won't survive without me (knowing full well that Eric secretly loves having his buddy to himself for a week and they will be just fine).

I. Love. Camp.

The people.
20 adults who are as passionate about teaching student-leaders as I am.
20 college students who volunteer one week a summer to help spread the word about positive leadership.
These people make me a better person.

The kids.
300+ high school students who have been selected by their peers, to lead their peer, who face challenges and attend camp to learn the tools to become better leaders.

The week recharges my teaching self and reminds me that young people are still good people.
This year, I am going to camp with a happy heart.  I have no bitterness. No anger.  No "I should be doing ASB" thoughts.  I'm at peace with my role in my building.  

I'm content.

And, as it turns out, I'm ready for anything!  Even a little bug spray dance. 
Have a great week!


  1. OMG...the big spray dance is awesome especially with the word robot written on the ground behind you...

    You will have the best time at camp. Enjoy every moment because who knows how many more years you will go.

    As I say everyday before I leave for work..."time to go make a difference!"

    Go my friend. Kick butt. Laugh lots. Be inspired by students. Inspire them. And enjoy. Oh ya...and go make a difference!

    Love you,


  2. aww...I hope you're having a wonderful time! (sure looks like it!) My husband worked as a camp counselor for years, and absolutely loved it. It's one of his favorite past-times :)

    Your boys will be a-ok, enjoy the time you have! :)

  3. you are amazing! What a difference a year can make! The look on your face (and body) say it all.....go be who you were meant to be! The best of the best!


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