Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel like Rabbit from the Pooh books.  So much to do and so little time in which to finish it all!  So, rather than put myself to work, I'm taking a little time to blog.  Gotta keep the readers happy!

Swim lessons for our little fish is a blessing in disguise because the early morning session has us up and productive by 9AM (only bummer is it means no sleep-ins and aren't summers supposed to be for sleep-ins?)
  For instance, after today's lesson, we headed to Target where I was able to purchase items needed for leadership camp, the family reunion this weekend, AND laundry detergent.  Who doesn't love Target?

Last weekend's bbq to celebrate my dad's 64th birthday was a smashing success.  
The night before the party, we had a sleepover with Jo-Jo, Uncle Patrick and a few cocktails.

It was a small party to celebrate Dad's birthday but the weather cooperated and we had a lovely afternoon.

Family Photo of Us 5

Everyone managed to find a place to hang out, even if the yard didn't get weeded or cleaned up as well as I had hoped. 

Wonderful Umma bought a pool for the kids to hang out in - big kids included!

Patrick and sweet Grandma Great

Patrick, my bff Melinda and me.
Notice how the boy from Florida is wearing a button down as I'm wearing a tank top.

We adored having my brother in town and I soaked up every minute I could with him - including a 6:30AM tee time!

Patrick has left.  Swim lessons continue.  Jo-Jo returns from her trip on Friday.  
And I'm starting to realize summer is slipping away very quickly!  

For now, we're on to the next event - the family reunion on Saturday!

So, that's all the time I have for blogging.  I have an entire house to clean, weeding of flower beds to be done, laundry to finish, and a possible nap in my future.

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  1. WOW!!! You have been one busy lady!! But let me just look so great Chelle. I know you have been feeling frustrated about not losing weight and what not but you look gorgeous! And you make me want to get a new hair cut...and a tan :-) Enjoy your nappy nap!


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