Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know

 I started Weight Watchers on Monday.  I. Hate. It. I knew I would and I suppose that is why I have put it off for three years, knowing I could blame it on a baby, who is about to turn three and should no longer be my scapegoat.  

I know that WW works for me.  I know that keeping track of the points is the only way that I lead a healthy lifestyle.  I know that the first week is the hardest because I have to create new behavior.  I know that the second week isn't very easy but I feel better so I am motivated to continue.  And I know at the end of the first month, the weight starts dropping and the lifestyle change is becoming my normal.  I know my friends and family support me, in this endeavor as in everything I do.  I know that after the first six weeks, I can start to include my trigger red wine.  Oh lovely, red wine.  How I miss you so. And I know that after two or three months, I have the freedom to cheat here and there and my life won't spiral out of control.
Despite knowing these things, it still sucks.  I realize how out of control my life was - it's embarassing to recall how many times I reached for Goldfish crackers, a Poptart or chips.  Right now, I have a headache.  I'm tired.  I'm crabby.  I'm so sick of salads, yogurt, and obsessing over the points.  I miss my wine.  And it's only been three days! 

Yet, I do feel better.  I'm staying within my points, am drinking the water, and my entire support system knows I'm on the WW wagon so I have their love and support.  I like having the control.  I like knowing that I have set a challenge for myself and that I have total control of my success.  I like feeling better.  And I like looking better so it is all worth it.

But I still miss my red wine.

  Lovely, lovely red wine...I know you'll always be there for me.  Right now, I'm just not ready for you.


  1. My girlfriend swears by WW and just does it for maintenance now. She associates all food with a point system -- hah! Good luck with it, and splurge every Friday or Saturday night with that glass of wine :)

  2. Oh hun I FEEL your pain! I need to start so badly! WW has always worked for me. Money is very tight so I can't afford meetings but that weekly weight in has always worked for me. Are you doing it by yourself or meetings or online? perhaps we could support each other as I need a kick in my arse!

    You can do it hun!!!


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