Saturday, January 16, 2010


Right now, Jo-Jo is in bed in my basement/guest room.  Every year, for the past 3 years, she has spent the night with us on the night before our son's birthday party.  She is here to keep me calm since throwing parties brings out the beast in me.  Tonight was no exception to the rule.  The night began with her and I sneaking out to an early dinner while Alexander was still napping.  Mexican food.  I love eating out and with Weight Watchers, tonight was a true treat.  We came back to the house, opened a bottle of wine, and started decorating for the birthday party.  Normally, Eric would have joined us but he drank a bit of tequila last night and wasn't feeling 100% (poor guy!).  You know he must be feeling badly if he and Jo-Jo didn't make chocolate chip cookies which is another tradition they share for Alexander's birthday.   Before too long, Alexander had grabbed Jo-Jo to play with his trains and I was on alone on streamer duty.   They played for a few hours, giving me a chance to decorate and clean house, which was wonderful for all of us.  Before bed, Alexander opened his birthday presents from Jo-Jo (of course an English teacher gives books).  After reading the new books, we put him to bed, killed a bottle of wine and cuddled up to watch a movie.  He's Not That Into You.  Pretty cute.  I give it 3 stars.  I give Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck 5stars.  For simply breathing.

I'm sure this birthday tradition will eventually come to an end.  We often giggle that on Alexander's 16th birthday, he'll be wondering why Jo-Jo and Dad are making cookies in the kitchen and getting drunk with Mom.  Tradition, kid.  Get used to it.

Btw, Jo-Jo is my cousin, Jodie.  This is a picture of us from Christmas with our Grandma

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  1. AWWW! What a sweet sweet tradition! Happy Birthday Alexander! Don't worry when he gets old enough he will probably giggle at all of the silly traditions and #1 they were all to make his day special!
    p.s. Ben and Bradley are definitely 5 stars! hahah!

    love your blog!


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