Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All About Me!

This is a fun survey I "borrowed" from Heather.

I Am- A wife.  A mother.  A daughter.  A strong woman.
I Have- chosen to surround myself with people who make me a better person.

I Wish- I had my son at an earlier age so we could have another baby.

I Want - sunshine and warm temperatures.

I Fear- my son and/or husband dying.

I Hear- Matt Nathanson on my ipod and silence in the locker room.

I Search- for postive self esteem.

I Wonder- who Alexander will choose to be in life.
I Regret- Life is too short to live it with regrets.  So, I regret nothing.

I Love- going out to eat. 

I Always- try to help others.  Or at least offer to help and let them decide if they want to take the help or not.

I Usually- drink wine on the weekends.

I Am Not- afraid to tell you the truth.  But I have learned to wait until someone asks for it.  Most of the time.

I Sing- better than Eric.

I Rarely- follow politics.  My brain just seems to turn off when the topic comes up.

I Never- leave Alexander with anyone except family members.  And even then, I worry.

I Cry- often and at the drop of a hat.  And boy, am I a pretty crier (sarcasm).  Tears come naturally to me and I express just about every emotion with tears attached.

I Am Not Always- the best mom or wife.  But I'm trying.

I Need- Love, honesty, and trust from everyone I choose in my life.  If you can't give me those three things, I won't choose you.  I'll be nice but you'll never get close to me.

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