Friday, January 29, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

Whew.  What a LONG week.  I started teaching an extra class and while a PE teacher doesn't have much to do in two prep periods, it is nice to have that extra break during the day.  Two late nights at sporting events to show my school spirit probably explain why I'm tired, too!  I do like the new kiddos though.  The chemistry in my classes seem to be positive, class sizes are smaller, and I don't anticipate any huge issues for the spring. 

It is week four of WW which is the "make or break it" week for me.  Cheat or not cheat is what this time frame is all about for this girl.  It is a good thing I increased the running regime to help offset the weakness that comes in week four.  This is the weekend where I MUST stay committed for the weigh in on Monday.  Good thing the house is filled with healthy foods.

Speaking of running, the herd will be at it again this weekend.  The plan is to run both days but I'm hoping to get out this afternoon and give myself a break tomorrow.  3 miles is today's goal and maybe we'll push Sunday's run up to 5 miles?  We'll see...and I have to upload more songs since the current playlist is getting old to me.   

No exciting plans for our weekend.  The weather is expected to be rainy and gross so I suspect we'll just hang out in jammies for two days.   I'd like to get caught up on laundry, house stuff, bills, etc, etc, etc.  We have three empty storage containers that are begging to be filled with misc "crap" sitting around to be taken to Goodwill so that will be on the agenda.  And I know one toddler who will want to play with trains and read books.

Oh, and I certainly can't forget the Dillon Panthers.  Love me some high school football (Friday Night Lights).  Still.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Just came across your blog, I really like it!


  2. Chelle, you are awesome. I truly admire your dedication to the multitude of things going on in your life. Most inspiring, my friend!

  3. Hope you had an awesome weekend!!


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