Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working out

So, I re-joined Curves this week.  I had been a member for over a year but I left last spring when I started running.  I couldn't justify paying the monthly cost when I was spending my time on the trails.  Despite how great running is for me, my lifestyle these days doesn't work for the time needed for a run.  I suppose I could find the time.  However, my interest in running has run its course (get it?  run its course?  I'm hilarious)
When I'm honest with myself, this program is the only one that really works for me

For those of you who don't know how it works, it is a circuit training workout that combines strength training with limited rest.  There is a circuit of 12 (13?) self-resistance machines.  You spend 30 seconds on each machine and 30 seconds at a recovery pad between each machine.  The workout does become a bit tedious but it has results.  Curves is on the way home, I can change in their dressing room, and I'm out of there in 30 minutes. 

Today was my second work out.  Today was measurement day.

Let's just say...I got some work to do!  When I left last spring, I had lost 19 inches.  I haven't gained all of those inches back but...let's just say the numbers were a reality hit, desperately needed.

I set two goals today:  Lose 15 lbs.  Lose 14 inches.

I have these two goals written on notecards, taped to the bathroom mirror.
I have motivational quotes written on cards and posted, too.
I have Eric and Alexander's support, which will be necessary as time in the gym is time away from them.

I can do this.
I know I can.

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