Sunday, March 18, 2012

my apple experience

Imagine my surprise when THIS arrived on Friday!  It is my anniversary present from Eric!
iPad 3!

I wasn't expecting it for another week but my sweet hubby had it shipped next day for me.  First, he surprises me by buying it for me and THEN he had it shipped next day?  What a guy!

Last night, Alexander said to me, "Can I play with my iPad now?"
Eric said, "Don't you mean Mommy's iPad?"
Alexander responded with, "Well, it is Mommy's.  But she loves me so much, I can use it whenever I want."

The kid's got my number.


  1. have you found the emoticons? one of our teachers showed me on her ipad how to find them on my iphone. They are so much fun! There are pages and pages. Course, Jeff doesn't have an iphone so it just came through as a box on his phone but it works with others. If you have not found it yet...go to settings: general: international: keyboards: add new keyboard...: Emoji! so much fun!

  2. You lucky lucky girl!!! It looks beautiful :) haha!

    miss seeing you on here!


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