Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ides of March

This is how I have felt the last five weeks.

I don't know what March is like for regular-non-teachin' but for me, it is a month of hell.   The district created late arrival Wednesday mornings so teachers can spend time working with colleagues.  For seven months of the school year, I love our late arrivals.  In the month of March, those late arrivals are the bane of my existence.

In March, every ASB event that isn't attached to a major spirit week, occurs on a Tuesday night for five straight weeks in March.  The talent show.  The senior boys pageant.  The district high school leadership conference. Finding Kind documentary. 
And if that wasn't enough, our spring spirit week was the first week of April so there is another week of high energy that sucked me dry..

I've literally been auto-pilot and existing on fumes. 
Eric and Alexander have been so patient and good with my absence.


And I couldn't be happier!!

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