Sunday, April 22, 2012

weekend recap

After a long week of work, filled with more ups and downs than California Screamin' at Disneyland, the weekend finally arrived and I was more than ready for her!

Friday night was a quiet one for us. I didn't get home until after 5 (I told you it was a long week) so Alexander and I played Lego Star Wars, I started a load of laundry, and crashed by 9PM.  Pretty exciting, eh?

Saturday morning, we all slept in for the first time in forever.  I managed to steal 10 hours of sleep and felt terrific.  The sun was shining and Alexander was heading to a sleepover with his Big Papa and Umma. 
 Eric and I got ourselves together to attend Jeffy's 40th birthday party that afternoon.  I few months ago, I had convinced Jeff that a 80's/RentonPalooza party was the way to go.  
And believe me, last night we partied like it was 1989!
After a good 12 hour marathon run, celebrating with our friends, we finally fell into bed at 3AM. 

Which means, Sunday has been totally shot.  That laundry I mentioned from Friday night?  Yep, still waiting to be folded.  Dishes still in the sink.  And clutter is everywhere. That's what happens when you choose to spend the day, laying the sun, pretending you are in Vegas and hoping the sun will cook a hangover out of you.

Hope you had a fun and restful weekend!


  1. Can you please explain why everyone is half naked at this party? That looks crazier then our trip to Vegas.

    PS- Happy birthday Jeff!

    1. This was our crew in Vegas last October when I turned 40! So fun!


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