Wednesday, May 2, 2012

kindle ipad

Despite owning my beloved iPad since March, I never could understand the allure of the Kindle app.

Why would I want to read a book electronically?

I love to read.  That's kind of a no-brainer since I have book reviews listed on my freaking blog!  When I was younger, reading was my escape from the "mean girls" who picked on me for being smart in school.  I was the library TA in middle school so I could hide out at lunch and didn't have to see anyone.  I had less reason to hide in high school but my family always knew I was working through an issue if I was in bed on a Saturday, reading Little Women or Wrinkle in Time. 

 I love everything about holding a book in my hands.  The smell of paper as I turn the page.  The vision of the bookmark, peeking ever so slightly from atop the book to remind me that escape awaits me.  Piles of books lay by my bed, beckoning me to slow down and open one.  My shelf are fully stocked, reminding me that summer reading isn't too far away. 
So, why would I ever want to open a kindle app to read a book electronically?

That's why.

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