Friday, August 3, 2012

Just trying to catch my breath

In the last few weeks of the summer, I'm trying to stay as relaxed as possible.  For I know, once I start my checking my school email and gearing my thoughts towards the upcoming school year, there is no going back. 

All I can do is live in the now.
I'm watching the Olympics, about 12 hours a day.  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Worthwhile?  Absolutely.
I'm sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine, working on my tan.

I'm cleaning, finishing laundry, and putting my house back together.
I'm playing with my boys.

And I'm trying to live each day.  Without thinking of the end of the summer looming over me.

It's coming.  But I'd like to think I can finish the summer, on my terms. 


  1. I'm feeling the same way! I thought I was ready to go back to work but now that there are only a couple more days I'm starting to feel the stress already!

  2. My poor kids have been dealing with me and the Olympics for over a week now and they are SO ready to get Disney channel back. haha! I can't believe summer is almost over!!!!! Oh and when you have time...shoot me an email with your FB account so I can add you to the Fitness Challenge group. It's been a lot of fun so far :-)


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