Friday, August 24, 2012

One of those moments when I am completely speechless

Very rarely do I find myself speechless.

But it does happen.

A few weeks ago, I met a student and her mom for lunch.  Annie graduated this spring and is heading off to BYU this fall.  She and her mom have been trying to take me to lunch for weeks and it finally happened.

Annie has been in the ASB program for four years so I have also known her throughout her high school career.  Her senior year she was on the ASB Executive Board so we spent countless hours together.  
She (and her family) are wonderful and have always been so good to me.

We enjoyed a tasty lunch at Purple Cafe in Bellevue.  OMG.  So good.  And a place where happy hours should occur with girlfriends (*cough* *cough* girlfriends).
We spent about three hours, eating, chatting and spending time together.
  Imagine the amount of time I could have logged if I had been at happy hour with my girls!

Just as we were preparing to leave, Annie and her mom presented me with a gift.  Apparently, every time Annie finishs a milestone in school - kindergarten, 6th grade, 8th grade and now, high school, her mom makes one teacher of Annie's choosing a quilt.  Pretty cool tradition, right?  
 Pretty amazed to find out I was the one Annie chose for her high school days.

Take a look at this quilt and you can understand why I was speechless.
(Michelle, I know you appreciate the work that went into this quilt!)
The pattern was created by Annie, handstitched by her mom, with an inscription from Annie on the underside.  It is a HUGE queen sized quilt and is absolutely beautiful. 

I didn't go into teaching to receive gifts.  In fact, I get pretty awkward (at best) when I do receive gifts.
I can't help but completely appreciate this one because I know it comes from her heart.

I'm pretty lucky to love what I do so much.  Especially when my students are as amazing as this one!

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