Sunday, April 14, 2013

and, just like that, only nine weeks remain in the school year

I'm the first to admit that blog updates in March are few and far between.  Shoot, let's be serious.  March shows up with a vengeance and kicks my ass. 
Here's a glimpse of our family calendar in March
vs April.

And these pictures don't include events that occurred at school like ASB elections, hiring drill team and cheer coaches within a week of one another, district meetings, and other unexpected miscellaneous adventures.  By the time the weekend rolls around, it's all I can do to muster up the energy to play with my boys, finish a few loads of laundry, and usually end up napping a few times.  Needless to say, the blogs are neglected. 
  It's no wonder that the rest of the school year just flies by.
The first week in April is always our spring spirit week.
The kids decided on "SPLIEK" for a theme.
SPring fLIng weEK - A noun meaing a random spirit week filled with randomness and fun.
I have always, since my own days in high school, loved dressing up for spirit days.
So, for fun, I took pictures of myself in the spirit wear I wore to work.
Excuse the camera quality.   I have a shitty phone camera.
Moody Monday - PJ day
This also happened to be the day I met a couple of co-workers at Starbucks for a meeting before attending a district meeting with the Superintendent in attendance.
Wearing a pink fuzzy robe.
Oh, yes I did.
Thing 1, ThingTuesday - Twin Day
Navy skinny jeans and grey cardigan from Target
Which my friend Donna, also happens to own.
Zoo Day - Bring out your inner animal
I don't wear patterns.  Ever.
But I bought this shirt for a White Trash 40th birthday party last year.
I paired with with a long cardigan and leggings since I had to hold interviews and didn't want to veer too far off the professional path.
Throwback Thursday
Dug out the ol' letterman jacket from back in the day, missing patches/bars/letters and all.
That coat is older than my students.
And several of my co-workers.
Fashion Disaster Friday
This type of day goes against everything in my moral fashion fiber.
So, I chose the ugliest shirt I could find and paired leggings with Uggs.
I feel the leggings/Ugg look is the worst fashion trend of this generation.
I spent the day making fun of the kids.  And they didn't even know it.
I love my job.

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