Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vegas, baby

Ah, Spring Break.  
 Every teacher and student loves you. 
 Every parent dreads you. 
Personally, I just love to celebrate you.

For years, Spring Break meant a trip with my mom to Las Vegas for a few days of R&R.  Once Alexander was born, it was too difficult to leave the boys and then Dad got really sick and before you know it, it had been seven years since our last trip.  Well, there was the year we went to Vegas when I turned 40 but that trip was in October, not April. 
This year, Mom and I booked a trip from Tuesday to Friday.  Mid-week in Vegas is our favorite time to go.  We settled into our first class seats and we were off!  Once we arrived, we HAD to eat because we discovered that food in first class really isn't any better than when you fly coach.  On the other hand, drinks are way better because they come in pretty glasses and are free!
Dinner at The Pub in Monte Carlo
It was Happy Hour. 
Two beers for the price of one.
I'm never one to pass up a good deal!
Our room had a view of the strip!

We've stayed in several hotels over the years and Monte Carlo is our favorite.  It's a smaller casino and frankly, my mom wins money in the place.  Since I go for the sunshine, all that matters to me is the pool area.  I even got new flippy flops for this adventure!
When it comes to sunshine, Vegas and the Monte Carlo doesn't disappoint.
This year, Mom treated us to the European day bed.  It was luxurious and made us feel like fancy ladies.
Especially when breakfast arrived each morning by 10AM.
Oh, how this girl loves the sunshine!
On Wednesday night, we headed over to Paris to Mon Ami Gabi.
We ate there for my 40th birthday and it was a meal that had to be repeated.
So.  Freaking.  Good.
Other nights were spent eating and drinking too much, exploring Fremont, and gambling.
A lot.
I'm not one for playing slots but even I managed to win a bit.

Not a bad win for putting in 20 bucks!
Winning on the Michael Jackson game was hilarious because I only put in 10 bucks to entertain myself with his music and on the last pull....
 I hit the bonus round!
Vegas has changed a lot over the years.  Most everything is computerized with crazy graphics, food and drinks are a bit more expensive, we've been spoiled in our use of cabanas and daybeds, and there are a lot more families around than I remembered.
But one thing will never change.
Our wacky love of the place.
Blue Men and all!
Thanks for the great trip, Mom!

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