Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And I don't want them back

Eight weeks ago (give or take), I bought these pants online.
They are super cute, flattering, and I instantly fell in love. 

Unfortunately, they were too snug.  I never would have felt comfortable wearing them.  Ever.

As with any online purchase, I had the option of sending them back or place them in the closet, with the hope they would eventually fit.  I can't begin to count the number of times I have thrown something in the closet, with the thought, "someday, they will fit".  Too many times.

Today, the weather was nice and I thought I'd try them on.  Just to see.

The hard work I've been putting in at Curves and watching all those stinkin' calories has been worth it.
Putting on those pants and knowing I have lost nine inches is awesome.

Today, working out has been worth it. 
Today, working out is encouraging. 

Let's be realistic though, shall we?

 It's the thought of being poolside...in a swimsuit...at 40...and not the clothes hanging in my closet, that really keeps me going.

Whatever it is that motivates you to be healthy, embrace it.  Because YOU are worth it!

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  1. I WANT THESE PANTS! They are so sheek! :) I would NOT fit into them though. and WOW! 9 inches is a big deal! That is awesome!!!

    P.S. I had another frappuccino per your request. Probably helped you fit into those pants! ;)


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