Sunday, October 23, 2011

lazy sunday

Not doing much of anything feels really good.

Last night, we celebrated Christmas with the in-laws.  Our favorite snow birds leave for Arizona next weekend so it makes perfect sense to celebrate the holidays BEFORE Halloween.

We had a great night, eating, drinking, and opening presents.  Ya know, kinda like Christmas.  In October.
Apparently, the more wine I drink, the more likely it is that I will cut off my head in photos.

Alexander is having his last sleepover with his grandparents so Eric and I are happily doing nothing.  In fact, it is highly possible that Eric is still in bed.  I've done a few loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and drank a few cups of coffee while flipping between PennSt vs Michigan volleyball match (PennSt=AHMAZING) and Seahawks game (not as AHMAZING). 

I may or may not shower today. 
I may or may not eat loads of chips and salsa. 
I may or may not spend the day watching terrible television.
I may or may not take a nap.

It's a lazy Sunday. 
I am loving it.

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