Tuesday, October 4, 2011

lordy, lordy. i am 40!

This is what I arrived to this morning.
My ASB students sure had some fun while I was gone.

I have a ton of photos to load from the Vegas extravaganza but frankly, turning 40 is a lot of work.
 I'm wiped out.

I can't begin to thank the friends and family who surrounded me this weekend with love and laughter.
I can't begin to thank all who gave me cards, presents, sent text or emails filled with love and birthday wishes.
Silly as it seems, even the FB messages are greatly appreciated.

Each and every word helped me transition to a milestone that I have dreaded for the past six months.

I don't know that I'll ever enjoy saying "I'm 40", when someone asks my age.
I don't know that I believe those who tell me that their 40's are better than any other decade in their life.
I know I don't believe anyone when they say age is just a number.

All I can do is make the most out of it.

And party like a rock star every chance I get!

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