Sunday, April 10, 2011

Change in plans

Today was about Eric and I.  Originally, I was planning to blog by the hour about our adventures.  I even took a picture of my wake up time. 
Yes, that's right. 9FREAKINGAM!! 

After a lazy wake-up, that included coffee in bed, we finally got around to starting our day.  If I haven't mentioned it before, Eric chose to be gluten-free about six months ago.  Since then, we've been searching for gluten-free foods.  Today, we decided to go on the search.

We found a few food items and headed home to eat lunch.
And that's when it happened...


Eric downloaded Glee. 

We. Are. Hooked.
  We're eight episodes in and haven't been disappointed.  How can you be when you find yourself dancing around your living room to Bon Jovi, Heart and Neil Diamond?


  1. I'm here, girlfriend! I've commented a few times! Throw me a bone! ;o) I'm just going through a lot in the past few months.... not much that I care to share on the blog right now. What is funny is that I wouldn't mind sharing with you guys, my bloggy buddies... but it's more so the people irl that read that don't think I know that I don't care to share with... weird? True though! But maybe I will carve out some time & send you an email. :o) we should totally pencil in a meet up... maybe May???!


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