Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playdate Cancelled

As mentioned, I was supposed to go out tonight with high school friends.  But, as can often happen with adults who have busy lives, the best laid plans can and will be shot to hell.  Thankfully, we made the decision before any of us were on the road or in the bar, waiting for the others.  Mindy was the only one actually dressed and ready to go so we'll make it up to her with a long Island iced tea.  She's easy like that.

So, what is a girl to do with her Saturday night? 
Well, it's nothing exciting and I've done it before but...


I'm obsessed, I tell you.  OBSESSED.  I used to think it was Wentworth Miller who was the hottie.  He is awfully hot, don't get me wrong.  However, after 27 episodes, it's actually Dominic Purcell who keeps my attention.  It may be that the man spends most of the show, running around with his shirt halfway unbuttoned but who am I to complain?  He may be on my "top 5" list. 

More importantly, Eric and I decided that tonight could be a-selfish-spend-time-by-yourself type of night.  He's upstairs gaming, I'm crashed on the couch, which means tomorrow is a full day of US TIME!  Alexander is sleeping over at his grandparents again (we are the luckiest parents ever).  A day with no plans right before I go back to work is exactly what we need.  I'm even willing to pass up on Zumba, if it means a day with my hubby!

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  1. Big Papa and Alexander bought a 550 piece puzzle at a garage sale today. The two of them have been having fun putting it together.

    Our road trip was to the airport where we saw 13 planes land. How fun!

    He is a joy to have. We are the lucky ones. Umma


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