Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Goals

Review of July goals:
1. Update blogs at least once a day.  I was doing pretty well with this goal until I went to camp for a week.  I should have updated when I returned but there are so many photos and I simply haven't had the time to sort and edit them. 

2. Update Book of the Month, with my review, the last weekend of the month. By then my book club will have met so I'll have plenty to talk about!  I have three reviews done!  I'm way ahead of the game!

3. Work out 5 of 7 days at Curves. Add 30 minute daily walk 4 of 7 days.  I did add the Curves days but not the walking.  Maybe this goal was a bit unrealistic with a busy summer schedule. 

4. Clean out old clothes and take them to Goodwill.  Not yet...but I will.

5. Give a strong presentation at leadership camp.  I was nervous because it was the first time I had given it and my heart was passionate about the subject so I didn't want it to flop.  I rocked it.  There will be the necessary tweaks but overall, I am very happy with how the presentation turned out.
August Goals:
1.  Recommit to 17 Day Diet so I can drop another 5 lbs before school starts. 
2.  Stick to my school clothes budget and be uber-efficient shopper so I can get the most from what little money I can spend this year.  Thank goodness I have the essential pieces of a wardrobe!
3.  Check my school email twice a week from home.  I have an obsession with checking my email and I need to cut back on it and enjoy the time at home instead.  I want to keep this goal during the school year.
4.  Find an affordable photographer that can do outdoor pictures for our family photos.  I didn't have pictures done when Alexander turned 4 years-old so we're way behind.  I thought it would be fun to do something different this time.
5.  Clean out clothes and take them to Goodwill. 

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