Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review - My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

Book Review #4
Let me start by saying if you reading this blog AND you are in book club, LEAVE the blog NOW (that means you, Mari).  I'm about to share what I think about the book selection for September. 

What did I think of Ms. Handler's book? 
Maybe if I was in my mid-20's, drunk, and having sex with all sorts of strangers, I would have thought this book was hilarious.   But I'm not.  Nor have I ever been "that" girl.  I've been in my mid-20's.  I've been drunk.  And I've had my share of one-night stands (sorry, Mom Dad and Grandma).  But come'on.  I might have been a sorority girl but NONE of my sisters, nor myself, were this trampy.

I kept asking myself if these were true-stories and when I discovered they were, I was pretty much grossed out by this woman.  And decided she wrote the book once she became a celebrity in order to prempt the men who could sell their awesome stories about shagging the celebrity. 

I was grateful that the book was short.  I'm not a prude.  I love a good sex story or escapade as much as the next girl.  The stories kept repeating the same theme.   If only there was some variation to her discussion of drunken one-night stands; I might have enjoyed the book.  But truthfully, how can you dress up being a drunk skank...over and over and over again? 

So, I wouldn't suggest this book.  It's rare that I find a book with zero redeeming qualities so maybe I could suggest it as a vacation someone who I greatly dislike.  Ms. Handler and I will not be opening a bottle of wine together, anytime soon.  I don't know much about Chelsea Handler other than she does stand-up comedy, an irritating voice, and, one night after a long night of drinking, I passed out, watching her TV show. Talk about uber-irritating voice as you are passing out.

No one should spend money on this book.

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