Wednesday, August 17, 2011

random, random, random

I woke up with a headache.  I fell asleep with the same headache.  I think I felt a little stress over the Daddio situation last night.  A situation which has worked itself out.  I think.
Despite the headache, I walked almost 3 miles with my mother-in-law and my son this morning. 
My sweet husband slept in.
The walk was gloriously sunny with perfect temps and upon returning home, my headache went away.  And my sweet husband woke up.
I'm currently writing this post, taking a break from laying on my lounge chair, baking in the sun.
Did I mention it is super warm here today?  I'm in love.

The birthday-extravaganza Vegas trip is coming along quite nicely.  We have 10 confirmed "yesses", and several "maybe's" on board.  I'm thinking there will be about 15 in attendance, when all is said and done.  I love that I'll be surrounded by loved ones, who will bake in the sun with me, drink endless cocktails with me, play hours of blackjack with me, or will surround me with laughter as we do the old folk shuffle out on a dance floor.   I love knowing that the day AFTER we return from Vegas, it will be my actual 40th birthday.  By that point, I will have officially milked my 40th for 5 straight days...and I am hoping for a girls weekend following my birthday, too.  Not to mention, my ASB kids are bound to do something fun my ASB kids at my expense during the week because that's what kids do. 
 All in all, I may end up celebrating for 8 days.  That's good stuff.
I'm not sure anyone enjoys their birthday more than I do.
Even at 40.

Alexander and I are going to Chelan this weekend.  Temps are expected to be HOT HOT HOT!  You'll find us in the pool, pool, pool and loving it.  I will especially love it when he is taking his four hour nap mid-day and I'm back at the pool, baking in the sun.  Woo-hoo!

Kinda like today.  Without the pool.

  I was in the building all day yesterday and it was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  I just have to believe the learning curve won't be as severe and I'll find myself enjoying part of the year more than last year.

I've re-discovered flavored sparking water.  Love it.  I drank loads of it when pregnant and then I just stopped.
Why did I stop?  It's good stuff.
There you have it.  A random post.
Filled with love and good stuff.

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