Saturday, November 26, 2011

apple cup

Happy Saturday!  I'm loving the long weekend and I hope you are, too!  It's SO nice to spend time at home, just kicking it with my boys.  I did a load of online Christmas shopping yesterday, Eric and I helped my parents put their tree up (which I'm dying to do at our place but can't until after Eric's birthday), and watched a lot of mindless TV.  While I thought the weekend would include sleeping in, I should have realized that a certain 4 year old would want his mama up to play with him.  So, I'm up early.  Drinking coffee, working on a puzzle, and finishing laundry.  And soon, I'll drag myself to the store to buy a few things for the party, party we're going to tonight.

Because, people, today is APPLE CUP!
Can I hear a WHOOT!  WHOOT!!

Today's the day one of these teams will earn bragging rights for a full year.  Admittedly, neither team is very good but that won't matter come game time.  Somehow, the season always seems to start fresh when it's time for kickoff.  It's going to be a great day...even if I have to spend it surrounded with the dreaded Purple and Gold!


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  1. We totally went to the game! Who's house?! Our house! Go Dawgs!!!! ;-)


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